Monday, April 21, 2014

Self Serving

I don't make my kids breakfast.  On the weekends, my husband always gets up before me, and he loves making them pancakes.  And on weekdays, the kids get up at 7 and make themselves breakfast (really, Isabelle does it for everyone else), while I sleep until 8.  I don't make school lunches for Jack or Isabelle either anymore - they take care of it in the mornings before I even get up.

If I think really hard about it, I don't even feel guilty.

Obviously, there is a big part of me that has severe helicopter mom guilt over not doing everything for my little babies, and leaving them to fend for themselves in our fully adequately stocked kitchen.  My job is to take care of them, I should know exactly what they are eating, and their every morsel should be prepared with love and full nutritional awareness by my two hands.  Right?  But oh my gosh it is SO nice to sleep as late as I want in the morning, and know that all I have to do is get myself and the baby dressed and then take everyone to school.  No more rushing around trying to make sure every last thing is ready to go.  no more sacrificing my own breakfast smoothie because I need those precious minutes to prepare my nine thousandth peanut butter sandwich (because I'm sleeping until 8, regardless of the amount of work i have in the morning).  Sweet freedom.

So I remind myself that the most important thing a mother can do is prepare her children to take care of themselves.  No matter how nice it is for them to need me for everything (or how much my control freak self wants the butter to remain gouge free), it is better for them in the long run that they know how to make their own breakfast and lunch.  God knows I'm failing miserably at teaching them how to clean up after themselves, but maybe here is one small area where I'm teaching them a wee bit of self-sufficiency.

So we're going to just pretend that this was my goal all along; to teach them the first little steps in taking care of themselves.  Rather than just a side effect of my lazy ass never wanting to get up in the morning.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spoiler Alert

*note: this post contains complaints about spoilers. And also actual spoilers. Consider yourself warned*

Can we all agree there a certain people out there who ruin it for everyone? You know, those people who, whenever there is some big, watershed moment on a super hot tv show, immediately take to social media to complain about spoilers?

They suck. 

I'll confess, I don't really give a shit about spoilers. I knew basically every death and dramatic event WAY before I even started watching the Walking Dead. Still enjoy the show. I would have been obsessed with Breaking Bad regardless of if I knew how it all turned out- it's just an amazing show. I've read the Song of Ice and Fire series multiple times, but that doesn't stop me from absolutely loving every second of Game of Thrones. In fact, is argue it's almost more fun knowing what's going to happen and waiting for it to all unfold. Especially if you can do it with someone who has no idea what's coming and therefore rejoice in their surprise. 

Now, if we are talking in person and I know you haven't seen something yet, I will be careful not to tell you the ending or let critical plot points slip. And as far as tweets or status updates go, I do my best to remain vague, so as to mention my excitement/shock/glee etc at whatever just happened without giving explicit details. i.e " I can't believe that just happened!" instead of "holy shit they just killed Ned Stark!"  But here's the thing, unless it is a personal conversation (like I just mentioned), it's not my job to keep you from finding out what happened on your favorite show. If you don't want to know what happened last night on Game of Thrones because you haven't watched it yet, good luck and best wishes. You KNOW people are going to be talking about it, because they ALWAYS talk about it. So maybe stay off social media until you are caught up? It's not the whole world's issue that you are behind on your DVR. 

I understand not checking Facebook is pretty difficult. And yes, it blows when you slip up and accidentally hear all about the Red Wedding. Get over it. The show doesn't suddenly suck because you already know what's going to happen- just ask everyone who has already read the books. My personal favorite is the people who tweet complaining about spoilers. Seriously. You went on TWITTER, hashtagging the very show you are aupposedly trying to avoid hearing about, to TWEET that other people shouldn't tweet about the show? You are an idiot. I don't go to a sports bar 20min after the Super Bowl and get mad when people talk about who won. If you can't keep yourself off twitter for 24 hours until you can watch the show, then you have much bigger problems than leaked plot points. 

In this day and age of event television and rabid social media, the onus for remaining spoiler free is on the viewer. I mean, you can argue that it always was, but certainly even more so now. I'm sorry you live in china and don't get the watch shows until hours after they've aired over here. Maybe put down the iphone for a few hours then. I bet you'll live. 

Unlike Joffrey. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Karma 101

Jack is mean to Sophie. He has been mean to her pretty much since she was old enough to play with, and not just regular sibling mean. He can be very cruel to her, and he takes every opportunity to put her down, or insult her, or just generally let it be known how much he doesn't like her. I don't tolerate that kind of behavior, and in general he has gotten better about keeping it to himself, but still. Years and years of being a shit big brother on his resume. 

Which brings us to Beatrice. 

He LOVES Bebe. He was always the most interested in her when she was a baby, and he still wants to play with her the most out of the older kids. But she's not having it. I know it is because he is exceptionally exuberant around her, and tends to really get up in her face, which no one likes. But a little part of me is glad to see him get disappointed when she shoves at him or says "no" whenever he talks to her. For so long he was such a jerk whenever Sophie wanted to be his friend (and she never stopped trying, the poor thing), it's refreshing to finally see him get a taste of his own medicine. And hopefully, his hurt feelings when Bebe tells him to get lost will help him understand how the way he treats Sophie makes her feel. And dare I hope, even change the behavior? 

Also? It's pretty funny how Bebe yells "don't want it" to anything Jack does, but let's the girls do all the same things without complaint. 

Payback's a bitch.