Into The Woods

Saturday night Sophie woke me up around 1am, for no discernible reason, and I spent the next two hours with mind racing before I finally fell back asleep.  During that time I thought of at LEAST 4 great ideas for blog posts, all of which have naturally run through the holes in my brain sieve, and are now lost to the wind.  In case you were ever wondering why I bother continuing this blog when every post is so pointless, rest assured – there’s gold in them thar hills.  I just keep losing the map.

Since proof of my brilliance and humor is not at hand, I’ll regale you with tales and pictures of our outing this weekend to the Fontanelle Forest.

Saturday Brett took Jack to watch his first karate tournament (newsflash – the kid was most enamored of the trophies and IS going to want to start competing). Afterwards, because they were in the area, they stopped by the forest preserve and got a family membership.  I don’t know why we’ve never been there before – there is such a limited option for family outings here, you’d think we’d have checked it out long ago.  I can only blame my personal bias, as the word fontanelle also applies to the soft spots on a baby’s head, and I think it’s a stupid name for a forest. No offense to whoever it’s named after.

While they were there, they learned that the next day would feature a chance to see up close some of the birds that have been saved by raptor rescue, a program that partners with the forest and helps injured birds recover and return to the wild.  Isabelle didn’t want to go, so seeing as it was her birthday, we naturally foisted her off on my parents and went anyway.  Special, special memories.

Seeing the birds was incredibly cool- for the adults.  The kids were a little bored by all of the talking and the fact that they didn’t get to hold or touch the birds.  Oh, and they had to walk slowly and not make any sudden (ie kid like) movements, because that kind of freaked the birds out.  Hey kids, come sit very still and listen to grownups talking for awhile! It will be super fun! Bebe in particular was not thrilled with the hands off approach, and kept telling me she wanted a bird too.

3-22-15 (1)

rough legged hawk

3-22-15 (2)

american kestrel

3-22-15 (3)

peregrine falcon

Eventually, we had enough standing around staring at birds, and we ventured out onto the boardwalk that runs more than a mile through the trees.  It was the most beautiful morning, and nice to let the kids just run and play for a little while.  It was also nice being among trees again – there aren’t many around here and you don’t really realize you miss it until you see them again.

3-22-15 (1) 3-22-15 (2) 3-22-15 (4) 3-22-15 (6) 3-22-15 (9) 3-22-15 (11)

There are tons of other trails beyond the boardwalk, so we can explore a different path every time we go and not get bored. Plus, it is a great place to go with the kids to take pictures and practice my skills. I can’t wait for the leaves to come back, and the color in the fall should be something to see!


3-22-15 (12)

3-22-15 (13)


ps: when we got home we had a cake lunch and then I took Isabelle shopping and she got to choose where we went out for dinner.  So we only neglected her birthday in the morning.

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365 Project- Week 11

The improvement in the weather has definitely helped in terms of lighting. Not that I spend much time outside. But the kids do, so I just have to run out and snap a few quicks shots and then I can go back to my cave. 









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Magic Cure For Muscle Spasms

My grandfather always swore by a spoonful of regular yellow mustard to stop a muscle cramp. Fortunately, I’m long past my gymnast days when I used to wake up with excruciating cramps in my calves- I guess there is a bright side to being a human sloth. As a result, I hadn’t had an opportunity to test out this miracle cure until last week, by I can now say with personal experience that IT WORKS!!

One night last week (it may even be two weeks ago, it’s taken me a stupid long time to write this) I was about to go up to bed when a muscle in my neck started having spasms. On and off, it just kept squeezing and relaxing on its own, and while it didn’t get into pain territory it was certainly unpleasant. I have tons of neck issues (just ask my chiropractor) so I really didn’t want to go to bed with it cramping and risk waking up with a huge crick, or getting a migraine from muscle tightness. Not to mention it was incredibly distracting and uncomfortable. I remembered my grandfather always took a spoonful of mustard to stop cramps and I figured “why not?” It wouldn’t hurt anything to try, right?

So I puckered up and ate a nice big spoonful of mustard (tart!), and almost immediately the cramps lessened. Within 5 minutes they had stopped completely! I have no idea how or why it works, but it sure did, and there were no side effects or residual muscle issues the next day. I slept fine and never had a recurrence of the strange spasming. 

So take it from me, if you are prone to cramps or spasms, give a spoonful of mustard a try. 

Mary Poppins should have sung about mustard instead of sugar!

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365 Project- Week 10

Still going!








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Mani Monday vol. 6

It’s been a while, but I had to get back into it with green for St. Patrick’s day!

color:  Greener and Earth (on ring finger) by Nubar

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