Mascara Of The Month – Perfekt Lash Gel

Remember when I said I was going to try out a bunch of natural mascaras and then review them for you in my search to find the best one? Way back in September? Turns out, the very next mascara I tried (which was actually the one I wanted to buy first but it was sold out that day) was a winner. And because I am a terrible blogger, I just kept using it and never posted a review.

You must have all been on the edge of your seats in suspense.

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Babytime Snuggly Lotion

Is it just me or does this winter seem drier than usual so far? I’ve been running my humidifier and doing all the usual things to stay hydrated, but still I feel like my lips and sinuses are drier than ever. I don’t love it.

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Flashback Friday vol.1

I’m friends with lots of bloggers on Facebook, and even part of a crowdsourcing group for when people need input on a certain subject. And I always try to weigh in if I have a relevant anecdote, mostly because I like being helpful but also because maybe it will drum up a little traffic for ye olde blog. And that’s all well and good, until the death throes of my brain function (seriously. my memory loss is starting to legitimately concern me) I mix up two different threads. And come thisclose to sharing a potty training disaster post as my reference link on a question about parenting resolutions.

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366 Project- Week 52

  • Omg. I did it. 365 days in a row… for the second time. Plus leap day. This was such a fun project, and I really think my photography improved dramatically during the last two years (not that you can really tell from my lackluster efforts the past few weeks). So even though I’ve got a brand new camera to play with, no way in hell am I doing a third year!


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2016 Read: November/ December

Well. This is it. the final books I read this year. If you are keeping track at home, I managed an even 100 books read this year. Not too shabby considering I wasn’t even trying.

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