365 Project- Week 46

This week has been a blur as I’ve neglected most everything in favor of working on my picture book (to be revealed soon- squee!). It has also been dark and dreary, which is my favorite weather, but is not conducive to excellent lighting for photos. But finding beauty in the everyday and working with what we have is the whole point of this 365 project. 









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365 Project- Week 45

The time change has drastically cut into my photographable time with the kids. Guess I better step up my skills again!









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Calling All Target and Old Navy Talent Scouts (heh)

Obviously, companies like Old Navy and Target are not falling all over themselves to snap up my photos (and child styling services), but they should really reconsider, because how cute did Bebe look this morning?

11-12-15 (7)11-12-15 (17)Naturally, my camera was not set to the right exposure, so the photos aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, But hey, it was 8am and I don’t fully wake up until at least 9. Still, I think she pulls it off.

11-12-15 (21)If you need me, I’ll be sitting by the phone waiting for the no doubt thousands of agents soon to be vying to represent us in our budding modeling/ fashion photography careers.

Top: Old Navy

Motorcycle jeans and boots: Target

11-12-15 (14)

I wont’ hold my breath *wink*

11-12-15 (1)


it probably goes without saying, but this post is not sponsored in any way.  The clothes were purchased by me, the photos, styling and child are all my own creation.




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