365 Project- Week 15

I should really try and branch out- take pictures of my other children even. Otherwise this project is basically just 365 pictures of Bebe. 















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They Didn’t Get It From Me

I am not artistic. I think I have a good eye for design, but as far as actually creating something decent you best look elsewhere. And so far, I’ve lived my life never really feeling that lack, although it must be pretty cool to be able to just sit down and draw something amazing. 

I also am totally clueless about the art world, or what makes some art “good.” I mean, I can recognize the talent in a photorealistic painting or a sculpture that looks as though it draws breath, but a lot of it just doesn’t make sense. Why is one thing remarkable when another is junk if they both look like scribbles? Whatever. Not my jam. 

Which is why it is so amusing that I am apparently raising several talented artists. Last year Isabelle won an award from the Audubon society for a picture she did of a bird. This year her art was selected to be on a billboard, and Jack got the same Audubon award. 


Obviously, I love my children, and I proudly display their art in frames all around my house. Their drawings and paintings are at least as good as anything I could do (likely better). But I confess that when I look at them compared with other kids’ work, I’m not really sure I see a profound difference. And there were definitely selections at the award ceremony that weren’t as good as the bird Sophie did this year- but her teacher didn’t even enter her into the contest. 



I may not ever understand the subtle differences that set some pieces of art above others.  And I will always be proud of my kids’ work, regardless of merit received. But it’s kind of cool to have multiple pieces of award winning art hanging on my walls!

Especially since they were free. 

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365 Project- Week 14















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For awhile the plan has been to move Bebe into the room Sophie and Isabelle share, and give Isabelle her own room.  This would give Sophie the opportunity to sleep on the top bunk, and izzy gets the privacy her acts-more-like-a-teenager-everyday self so desperately wants. Ideally, we wanted to wait until Beatrice was potty trained (ha!), but more realistically we were shooting for a 3rd birthday milestone. 

Enter today. 

Yesterday I decided it was time to make the move. Immediately. As in today. And being that it was the ancient history of yesterday, I honestly can’t even remember what made up my mind to get it done, but here we are. 

It took 4.5 hours of my mom and I working non stop, but we got everything cleaned and organized and swapped out room to room. 

I didn’t take any photos, because it was mostly just a disaster area, plus it was really overcast and dark today. I’ll try and get some of the little girls’ room in the next couple of days before it is trashed beyond recognition. Likely that means first thing tomorrow morning. Isabelle’s room needs new paint and artwork, but I’ll show you the finished product whenever it’s finished. 

Anyway, the switch was a big surprise, and all three girls are super excited. Well, Beatrice and Isabelle are super excited; Isabelle wrote me a thank you note, and Bebe almost spoiled the surprise by telling them all about it the second they got in the car from school. Fortunately they were just confused by what she was talking about. I think Sophie is happy about the changes too- I know she loves the top bunk, but she’s probably not thrilled about sharing everything with a little sister. It’s definitely a lot more work to be the big sister in a shared room! She’s also probably not pleased that it is 9pm and Bebe is still awake and yelling “what you doing up there, Sophie?” 

The adjustment period should be interesting. 

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365 Project- Week 13















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