Diy Dye

I love being pampered. Massages, pedicures, getting my hair done- I love all of it. But over the past few years, I’ve found myself unhappy with the outcome, and enjoying the process less. It’s no fun spending hours at the salon (not to mention tons of money) and walking away with less than stellar  results. Who wants to pay $35 for a manicure that’s barely as good as I can do on myself? Waste of money. And sitting in the stylist chair for 2+ hours only to walk away looking nothing like my reference photo is such a disappointment. 

It’s possible that I’m just getting persnickety and demanding in my old age, but as much as I’d prefer to have someone do the work for me, it’s more important that I get EXACTLY what I want. My last few haircuts (with the exception of my pixie which was perfect) have been only vaguely what I wanted, and the color hasn’t even been close. And I will take a certain amount of responsibility for the breakdown in communication, but I also bring pictures specifically showing what I want so that the stylist will be on the same page. Only we still aren’t getting there. 

I already do my own nails because I haven’t found anywhere that can do a better job (and I am by no means particularly skilled), and this weekend I decided the time has come to start doing my own hair. With the help of Google, pinterest and YouTube I spent a couple hours familiarizing myself with color theory and the necessary components of professional color, and then I spent about 15 minutes (and $25) at Sally Beauty Supply getting what I needed. 

Then all that was left was to lock myself in my room (kids kind of throw a wrench in precisely timed activities) and give it a go. It was so fun!

My goal was just to subtly brighten up my blonde for the summer, and because I embrace the ombre style, I didn’t have to be precise. Or really work on the back of my head which is obviously the biggest challenge of doing your own hair. It was so easy! I used a balayage technique where you just paint the bleach right on the hair, although I might give fouls a try next time because the color didn’t lift as far as I was hoping because it dries out faster. I also didn’t leave it on to process as long as I could have because I’m obviously learning and I’d rather err on the side of not doing enough than doing too much!! Part of the point of this is to do it cheap so I don’t want to end up with a huge bill for professional color correction. 

I’m really happy with the results, and even more importantly I feel totally confident about doing it again in the future. Great looking hair without having to call someone to make an appointment/ put on pants/ spend $100? There’s no downside. 


Actually, there is a downside. I’m now totally obsessed with coloring hair and need some more subjects to play with. Anyone want some highlights?

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365 Project- Week 19

I keep seeing all these great ideas for diy simple photo backdrops, and I totally want to try them, but grabbing my camera and just snapping away is so much faster than setting up a whole scenario. Poor, neglected older children are never around when I decide to grab and shoot. Hopefully they’ll be featured more often once school is out. 











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The Birds And The Bees

I am not a morning person. I am not on top of things mentally first thing in the morning, as I learned yesterday when Jack wanted to play 20 questions and I could even remember what I had asked. So you can imagine how well I do with 4 kids chattering at me and simultaneously placing different lunch and breakfast orders. Not to mention all of the other random non sequiturs kids shoot at you. 

Which is how I backed myself into explains where babies come from. 

This morning we had run through a variety of topics, including some brief mention of the kids being grown up and having kids of their own. So when Jack came to tell me he was glad Beatrice wasn’t a real dinosaur (or maybe it was a tiger) because she just clawed him in the privates, I laughed “well, you wouldn’t be having kids then!”

Cue silence, blinking stares from the kids, and my inner voice saying “maybe they won’t notice. Quick! Change the subject.”

No such luck. 

Nope, instead I had woken their curiosity about what a man’s junk could possibly have to do with having a baby. Don’t women have the babies? 

Now, I am a firm advocate of teaching children the proper names for their body parts and I see nothing wrong with explaining the physical specifics (in general) of where babies come from to young children. But that doesn’t make saying penis and vagina to your children any less awkward. We barely got past the naming portion of our discussion when Isabelle announced she was going upstairs so she didn’t “throw up in her mouth.” But Jack and Sophie were all in, so they got a bare bones discussion about the mechanics of conception, as well as a much more detailed description (complete with picture online) about the whole gestation process. To my relief they were more interested in the growth of the baby rather than the sex part, and I escaped unscathed with only one brief uncomfortable question about their friend who has a single mother. 

Obviously there is still a lot of ground to cover regarding the emotional and social aspects of sex, but at least we’ve gotten the basics out of the way. I’ll just get Jack to explain it to Isabelle when she’s ready to hear it. 

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365 Project- Week 18

I happy with the shots I got this week- I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 126 days!











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Training Day

For over a year Beatrice has been in pull up diapers. We’ve sat on the potty, with zero success, countless times. Commitment has been minimal, interest almost non existent, and progress has been zero. But now we are coming to a critical juncture. In 6 weeks we leave for Steamboat- wouldn’t it be great to NOT have to deal with diapers there? The pool everyday will certainly be easier, not to mention packing and dealing with all the extra diaper garbage stinking up the condo. And of course there’s the fact that she’s turning 3 in a few weeks, and starting preschool in August. 

Basically, it’s well past time. 

Over the last week or so, as I’ve felt the pressure of finally getting over this hurdle, I’ve also been noticing more signs of readiness. She has told me to change her right after going several times, and staying dry for long periods of time has never been a problem. So I steeled myself for a full immersion, and today was the day. 

Day one of REAL potty training. 


nothing says classy like a potty in the living room and trash bags on the sofa

We started the day out in underwear, and had an exciting (but quick) trip to Walmart where I desperately prayed for no accidents. Once we got home, we attempted to visit the potty on 15 minute intervals, but that soon garnered significant lack of cooperation so I abandoned that tactic knowing it could be hours before she actually had to pee. 

Instead, we went with the bare bottom method, unsure of whether this would result in an enhanced sense of needing to go and success or just a bigger splash. 

Around 10:45 we achieved our first EVER successful elimination in the toilet. Huzzah! 

There was much rejoicing, and congratulatory m&ms, and she was extremely excited. So far so good. We had not only avoided a mess, but also gained concrete proof of what we were trying to achieve. It’s so hard to gauge if they really understand what you are trying to get them to do until that first success is there to work from. So, first thing in the morning is great, although still a year in the making. 

Then the waiting began. 

I let her wear her underwear again for a little while, because she doesn’t like being naked and I knew it would be awhile before she had to go again. But then the specter of catching the elusive #2 reared its head and soon we were back to running around half monty. 

I love me a cute baby butt, but let me tell you I’ve had my fill of gazing at the full moon today. 

FIVE HOURS LATER, we achieved urination success #2. Holy cow can this girl hold her pee! And it wasn’t even out of resistance- she spent most of the time pretending to go and playing “clean out the potty.” She just really didn’t have to go for that long. Even after drinking two glasses of juice and some water. I think I peed 6 times in the same period. 

So still we watch and wait. Unfortunately she is an unpredictable pooper, so I don’t even know if anything is imminent. I’d sure love to cap off this day with no misses, but that remains to be seen. 

Keep your fingers crossed. 

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