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Lost Then Found

I hate losing things. Even stupid things I probably wouldn’t want if I had the choice make me completely insane if lost. Seriously, it’s like a mental illness; nothing devolves me into complete obsession like losing something. I don’t know if that is the result or the cause of my being so controlling about my stuff, but the result is that I very rarely lose anything. So you can imagine my despair this morning when I realized that I had left my bookmark in the book I returned to the library yesterday. 

A bookmark, you say? Surely I couldn’t possibly get upset over something so trivial as a little slip of paper. But see, this particular slip of paper says “I love you mom,” written by Izzy when she was only 4 years old. I’ve been using it for 6 years (I told you I never lose anything), and it was surprisingly distressing when I realized my carelessness. 

So I did what any self-respecting obsessive would do, I decided I would check with the library to see if they could find it. It was less than 24hrs since I returned the book, maybe it was still in the return bin. Worth a shot, right? And since waiting even 20 minutes to finish dropping kids off at school  was more than my psyche could handle, I actually called the library instead of just running over.

I told you I’m crazy. 

The bad news was, the book had already been reshelved. But the lady was sweet enough to go check it for me, just in case they missed pulling the bookmark checking the book back in. No dice. THEN, because apparently she is super nice and sympathetic to nut jobs on the phone, she checked the recycling. Which should have been emptied last night, BUT WASN’T. 


I can’t believe that she even took the time to look so thoroughly for what is basically an old post it note, and I’m only slightly embarrassed at how happy I was she found it for me. 

They even laminated it for me:

Now I can use it forever. 

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Hair Dreams

My hair is looking pretty good these days (in my opinion). At least as far as length and color go. There are certainly many other conditions that need to be met for me to actually pull off a good hair day- having it clean, not shoving it up into a bun (thus highlighting just how far my chin has doubled). But still, we’ll focus on the positive and say that in general, my hair is pretty good right now. 

So naturally I’m obsessed with changing it. 

Years and years of repetitive cutting off my hair then growing it back out have cemented my status as always looking for my Next Hairstyle. Usually it is the next stage in growth, or the goal for a final big chop. And this works because it gives me motivation to work towards or whatever doesn’t sound like I’m completely insane (seriously. I’m talking about HAIR, not achieving fusion). But right now I’m not really heading towards anything specific. I’ve successfully grown out my pixie, and while it would be nice to have my hair just a shade longer so I could do a true top knot, I’m also finding myself drawn back towards a slightly shorter cut. And of course I love the shoulder length ‘lob’ (I really hate the cute names we give everything now), which is what I have now. But I’m not sure I can handle just maintaining one style- I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life! 

Naturally, I turn to Pinterest for all my hair inspiration- not only for cuts but also color (which I won’t even get into because I’m trying to talk myself out of going blonde again which is an entirely different worm hole of crazy). And since I clearly have nothing better to do, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics here in a little Hair of My Dreams roundup. Here we go:

My leading contender:

I screen shotted these from a video on Instagram from @riawnacapri, and I’m completely in love with this hair cut (and judging by the 5k+ repins, I’m not alone). I even think I could achieve this on my own since I wouldn’t have to cut the back (obviously the most difficult part of cutting your own hair). It would still be long enough for ponytails, and as it gets longer layers are always good because my hair gets so heavy. 

Going shorter:

Basically there are a hundred thousand versions of this cut on Pinterest (this one doesn’t have a link so I can’t credit the original).  Obviously this is an easy cut to work with, and I certainly enjoyed it when I had it a few months ago. Still possible to put into a low pony, although a bun or anything fancier is out. I also really love this color. The Ombré/ balayage look is my favorite. 

This straight version (original link here) is easier to achieve for me since I only have to blow dry and not mess around with a curling iron, which can turn out really well or really not in my hands. But of course, I’m not effortlessly gorgeous like this woman, so I kind of just look mumsy. Which I guess isn’t really avoidable (hi, I have 4 kids and live in Nebraska), but I like to think I’m not exuding frumpy mom constantly. 

Going Longer:

Again no link, but how beautiful is this girl? That’s probably why I like most of these- I think they are going to make me instantly more gorgeous (and younger!), but hey, I never said I was immune to magical thinking. This layered cut is kind of the first one all grown out, which lends weight to both because I can cut the layers now and then grow it into this in a few months. 

Well, there you go. I could easily post a hundred more photos I love, but these are the four I keep turning to lately. But as long as I’m torn between so many options, I guess I’ll stick with what I have. At least it isn’t terrible. 

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