Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Truth in Advertising

Shouldn't there be a little more truth in advertising these days? Ads for wrinkle cream should have old people in them, or at least someone over 35. I understand the motivation, and I certainly prefer looking at attractive people much more than I do total dogs, but there should still be some relevance in the people cast and the product they are selling. I'm pretty sure there are some models out there over the age of 50. Maybe it's her, maybe it's Maybelline? Well guess what? It's her. I can buy all the Maybelline I want- it ain't gonna make me look like those girls do. Commercials for cleaning products are also to blame. Squirting ink on a shirt seconds before washing it doesn't indicate stain fighting effectiveness - no stain sets that fast. And spraying cleanser on spills that are obviously fresh isn't helpful either - i could wipe that up with a paper towel alone. Show me some real, ground in messes! One particular commercial that has been brought to my attention is for Tide Pure Essentials with baking soda. It features a little boy and his blankie and the voice over is saying that the blankie is dirty and tattered, etc, except that it is clearly brand new. Would it have killed them to get an old blankie? Or at least drag the new one around the parking lot a few times to actually get it dirty? Stupid.


LBI82 said...

I love that Pure Essentials commercial! I never noticed that about the blankie! I guess just the fact that the blankie is being dragged on the floor is a clear indication that it should be washed! LOL! I really like the product too! Have you tried it?

lonek8 said...

I have not tried it - I have very sensitive skin so I stick to All Free and Clear to amke sure nothing irritates it. This is also helpful because I don't have to use a different detergent on the babies' clothes.