Lazy Sundays

Now that I am raking in the big bucks, I am considering cutting back on my workload. Afterall, spending up to ten minutes EVERY DAY is an unbelievable strain on my already taxing schedule of reading books and magazines and occasionally slicing up some fruit for my kids. Okay, so maybe it isn’t that great a demand on my time, however, combined with the drastic decrease in time I get to spend watching adult television and therefore commercials that aren’t about diapers, it is draining my creativity. So I am thinking about going to a five day a week shedule, and taking a break on weekends when my routine gets all disrupted anyway. Of course, I may find inspiration tomorrow and change my mind, but at the moment let’s all just assume that I will only be posting Mon-Fri. And c’mon – you know you only check in when you’re at work and bored anyway, right?


About lonek8

stay at home mother with four beautiful children. Devoted television watcher and reader; wannabe novelist and fashionista.

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