70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth

This is disgusting and tacky. Not everyone gets everything they want, nor should they. There are people out there who were possibly not meant to be parents, and if you can’t accept that by the ripe old age of 70 (!) then you have bigger problems than infertility. We are not talking about a woman who maybe spent a little too much time on her career, or didn’t find the right mate until she was old enough to need fertility assistance – we are talking about full on senior citizens who are olny thinking of their own selfish desires. And the doctors who help these patients are either purely money grubbers or so obsessed with the scientific acheivement that they have lost all consideration for reality and the humans involved. Whatever the personal motivations involved, the fact remains that none of these people ever once stopped to think about the welfare of the child, and that alone should indicate the inability of these people to be parents. Let’s hope this child is orphaned soon (as best as I can find, the average life expectancy in India is 62 – and that’s if you were born in teh last ten years) and adopted my parents who truly want to love her and give her the best life they can – for her sake rather than their own.


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3 Responses to 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth

  1. Drumski says:

    If t happens naturally then it was meant to be, but to use science to do something like this is creepy. Poor kid.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s from MSNBC so you might want to check to see if it is actually true.

  3. lonek8 says:

    good point. but if course I don’t want to waste my time with any actual research – it’s so much more fun to just criticize and enflame without proof!!

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