Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Would I Call You?

I like the AT&T commercials where the person's voicemail character explains why they missed the call while the person himself is getting arrested or in some otherwise unpleasant situation. But I do not understand why they have added one where the main character is a snowman complaining about the weather. This is just plain stupid. All of the other situations are extreme, but realistic, so I don't see why we have branched off into total fantasy. Snowmen can't talk, and as far as I know, they do not usually carry cell phones. And if they did, who really cares enough about a snowman to call him and warn him about a possible heat wave? And even if you did warn him, where would he go to avoid it? There are just so many problems with this commercial, and it really kind of ruins the rest of the series for me. I guess maybe AT&T could throw the focus on the fact that they'll give anyone a phone - no discrimination, even if you are an inanimate object! - but otherwise this is just lame.

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