Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aaah, The Innocence (And Guilt) Of Youth

My daughter quite regularly does something to her brother that makes him cry. He quite often returns the favor. Either way, I can be assured that my daughter will tell me in complete honesty what happened. I usually have to ask, but she will always just come right out and tell me that she pushed him, or stole his toy or whatever. Neither of them particularly likes loud noises (although they do enjoy MAKING loud noises and frequently compete to see who can shriek the loudest/and or in the highest pitch. delightful), and will cover their ears when someone else is crying, or I vacuum or use the blender etc. And sometimes it is completely a mystery why their ears are covered - like a truck drove by a mile away and they are signalling they heard it. So I didn't think much of it when I returned to the car after running into the house for a forgotten item and Izzy was holding her hands over her ears. I just figured the sound of the garage door was too loud. I did however begin to suspect something when I got in the car and she immediately assured me that she had not bitten Jack's finger. My sons' response was to hold his finger out to me and nod in agreement. Hmmm, yeah right. Somehow it seems unlikely that she would need to inform me that no biting was taking place in the car, if in fact that was the case. And seeing as I was not born yesterday, I'm pretty sure that in the ten seconds I was in the house my son had his finger chomped. I just love that despite the fact that Jack wasn't crying and I never would have thought they had done anything other than sit quietly while I was gone, Izzy felt the need to let me know that in no way had she bitten his finger. So I guess we have left blind honesty behind and entered into the land of preemptive lying, which is so much more entertaining.


BBL Jr said...

So Izzy has begun to realize actions have consequences. The next step will be when she thinks of that before the action takes place. she is now three and that next step should take place around 22 years from now.

Drumski said...

I still haven't figured that out. Consequences.....I know not that term.