Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Okay. If you read yesterday's post, amongst other wonderful tidbits, you will have gleaned my height and weight. And perhaps the fact that I am a wee bit less than totally satisfied with the ratio of the two. I am also dissatisfied with my eating habits, which tend towards the junk food/sugar portions of the food pyramid, and frankly, are more of a problem and more important than my weight or my looks (yeah right). So because there is no better time to really try and improve yourself than right after moving somewhere nobody knows you, I am going to really work to get everything into a more pleasing alignment. I mean, my new friends are out there somewhere, I want to meet them looking my bestest, right? And right now I'm busy establishing all kinds of new routines anyway, so I might as well make them healthier and better for me. Oh, and also? My husband thinks he can get to his goal weight before I can hit mine. Which, given the much higher loss he is looking at, just cannot possibly be true. I would be forever embarassed if I fail to achieve my lesser goal before he meets his. So from now on on Wednesdays (maybe not EVERY Wednesday cause I gots other stuff to say too) I will be sharing my efforts (or lack of) in getting myself into healthier, feel better-y habits and back into all my jeans.

On another self improvement note, it is also a goal of mine to really make some nice friends here. I really didn't have any good friends in Steamboat, and in fact don't have any from before that either. Which really just emphasizes that I am kind of a loser. But what can I say? I may not try hard (you can only get hurt so many times before you figure out maybe it's not worth it), but I DO try. I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, but I can carry on a conversation like a reasonably sane person for at least short periods of time. But I think my biggest issue is that I am not especially adept at creating/maintaining relationships out of initial contact. Actually, I would probably say I am almost a total failure at that. Seriously, how do you go about it? I always try to meet other moms at the park or wherever (which can be so nervewracking because they are already in little cliques and while they may talk to you they won't necessarily let you into their group), but even when they talk to me I am never sure how to "take it to the next step" and move into a playdate type thing. I never really did the whole dating thing, and I would have sucked at it, so I am completely at a loss about how to segue from "what's up blah blah blah" into "would you like to maybe have our kids play together again and talk to me some more, but this time on purpose?" Can you even do that from a park meeting, or does it all have to be based around other type activities like preschool classes? I have found myself smiling a little too much at women at the store like somehow they are going to like me instantly and ask to schedule a playdate. We talked briefly to a woman at the Humane Society last night and I just got this "I want to be her friend" vibe (which DOES NOT happen to me often - do you even know what I'm talking about?), and I seriously had to control myself not to give her my phone number like a crazy stalker. Like "hi, oh, our sons are the same age. and look, we're both here at the Humane Society - where you are getting a dog! Good for you. It sure is cute. Can we be best friends now?" Good Grief. I couldn't do this kind of thing in high school, or college, or my twenties - how the hell am I supposed to do it now? You can't teach an old dog new tricks. But you can get an old dog at the Humane Society. And maybe a crazy stalker lady new best friend too.


Sarah said...

I have lost 12 pounds doing SparkPeople-- it's totally awesome, and Wednesdays on Twitter are Sparkpeople's weigh-in/ woo-hoo Wednesday, so it fits with your theme :)

lonek8 said...

thanks for the tip- I'll check it out!

thedailysnark said...

I am the worst at the whole friend-making thing. I can never take the first step and call someone up—or even ask for a number. I tend to wait for them to call me, invite me and make plans. I think I'm just missing that gene or something. It's a holdover from my childhood when I was the most painfully shy, insecure person ever.

(I guess we never grow up!!

Kristi said...

i suck at making new friends, too. I've had the same group of girlfriends since 2nd grade. Now that I have kids I've realized I need to make new friends with kids my kids ages. It's really nerve wracking so I feel your pain. I found that the library story hour is a great place to meet other moms. I go at the same time every week and eventually struck up conversations and then when I see those same moms at the neighborhood park we can chat again. Eventually I started mentioning when I'd be at the park next and we can meet up. It's not drinking and girls night out, but it's a start.

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I'm sooooo terrible at making friends! It does NOT help that I a.) am pretty much a total hermit whose life revolves solely around her house and kids (and blog, LOL), and b.) I hate to talk on the phone, and am totally lazy about keeping in touch any way but via e-mail or text, and oh yeah - I hate it when people drop by unannounced.

Which is why we've lived here for a year and a half and I STILL don't have any friends ... 'cause, like, the zero-effort thing? Nobody likes it but me. :)

Too bad we don't live closer!