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One of the hardest things about embarking on any sort of lifestyle/dietary changes has got to be support from your family. Not that each and every one of the people who love you don’t wish you success in your endeavor. But let’s face it, they KNOW you scarf cake and Burger King and can eat an entire pizza by yourself. It is easy to convince a stranger or someone who doesn’t know you well that you don’t eat sugar/wheat/dairy/meat/whatever. It is easy to be all disciplined on a limited basis. I for one feel very virtuous when my grocery store selections are all greeny and healthy with not a single junk food item in sight – regardless of whether or not any one else cares or has even noticed. But it is hard to impress those virtues on to other people, who know that you aren’t really like that. Especially if the people in your life aren’t prone to fad diets themselves. Yes, I believe everything in moderation is the best way to go – but I think by now I have established that perhpas I’m not so successful at moderating myself. I would like to be one of those women who is very disciplined and simply abstains from the poorer food choices in life – not a starving, shrunken, crabby woman, just one who doesn’t feel the need to cram sugar in her face regularly. And I totally realize that any skepticism or doubt that my family might feel about my ability to do such things is all in my head (especially since I doubt I’ve ever even really discussed it), but it can still be enough to stop me sometimes. I feel like my choices would make me a phony – just trying to be disciplined and healthy rather than someone who is actually that way naturally. So how long does it take to rewrite your self perceptions? To stop projecting my own self doubts on to my family as an excuse to give up and hork cookies? And even if they were sitting at home in grave judgement of my eating habits admonishing me for never having any fun or whatever, why should I really care? If eating well makes me feel better as a person, as well as better physically, then who really cares what others think about it right? Right. Now I’ll just participate in a few years therapy until I actually believe that, HA!


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  1. It’s tough.

    You could just martyr yourself and say that it’s all for THEM…

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