So, I Did It Once Before You Say?

A lot of the encouragement I get from my family about trying to lose some weight involves reminding me I’ve done it before. After Jack was born, I not only lost the 25lbs I gained while pregnant, but another 25 lbs that I had packed on before getting pregnant. And yay me for doing that. My only question is, “does anyone remember how I did it?” Because I completely don’t. I remember that I had a plan, and that it involved exercise and a focus on diet and healthier/lower calorie meals, but that’s it. I don’t remember ever feeling hungry or deprived or like I would kill someone for a cookie, but I also don’t have a clue what it was I actually ate. So my chance of repeating seem slim given the fact that if I didn’t KNOW I’d lost the weight I would never believe I had ever tried. And while I’m not looking for tips from anyone in general – do any of my family members who read this remember hearing about what I was doing when I lost weight? Cause I seriously can’t remember, and I feel like I’m doing now what I would have been doing back then, but the weight is NOT coming off, so I’m wondering if the momentum and hormonal changes of just having a baby played a bigger role in my previous weight loss than I thought. Hrmmm.

update: I think this post is coming off like I am despondent or feeling hopeless about losing weight. So not true. Instead, it’s more like I woke up thinking, “hey I can totally do this, I’ll just follow the plan i used last time.” and the HONESTLY HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT WAS. it was only two years ago, how can my memory be eroding that quickly?


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  1. Averyswife says:

    I’ve always been one of those “annoying” women with a super-high metabolism, so losing weight hasn’t been an issue with me. (Go on, hate me, but just be grateful YOU didn’t spend the entire 9 months of your pregnancies throwing up.) BUT I can’t seem to lose the nice belly flab I accumulated. In fact, because I’m nursing my son so well (i.e. he doesn’t sleep through the night yet…at 7 months) I actually weight LESS than I did before I ever started having kids! But yet that stubborn belly flab remains. Sit ups, maybe? Cutting soda from my diet? Eh, I’m too lazy…I think I’ll just continue to cover the flab up with longish shirts and snug-at-the-waist jeans. 🙂

  2. gellybelly says:

    It’s possible that the birth control pills were exacerbating your cravings along with the mood swings, which are never helpful when trying to diet. Let’s hope that the IUD will make some of the pill side effects go away. You are the family weight loss hero. We are all plugging for you because heaven knows we’re never going to lose weight! Love you!!

  3. lonek8 says:

    Aversywife – I used to be like you – having kids completely killed my fabulous metabolism and now it is sluggish like everyone else’s. boohoo. Also, no matter how thin I get I have a feeling my stomach will remain a little flabby too – just a fact of having that skin stretched out so many times in such a short time. hopefully this blog will make me famous and I can get a free tummy tuck sometime. (yeah right)

    Gelly belly, there is a really good chance that my extra eating has been related to all this hormonal stuff. Assuming of course, that I was actually having hormonal stuff and not some other emotional problems, haha. I’m choosing to believe that the problem is fixed now and the sugar cravings will simply stop and the fat will melt away.

  4. It’s amazing what another kid & a couple of years will do to your body. I was super-crazy on the pill, but when I was on the Mirena life was much better. It was when I got off Mirena & on the pill again/off it again/pregnant again that I really put on pounds. I bet you’ll see a big change after you’ve been on the Mirena a little while. I find that now I have to really really count & keep track of my food, more so than I ever had to before. You might try using – it’s easy to use & offers very helpful tips/community support. Good luck, you can do it!!

  5. sarah says:

    You know, I did the same thing about 8 years ago; I was about 30lbs overweight when I moved to DC and for some reason, the weight just came off there–yes, I went to the gym and ate Lean Cuisines, but I don’t feel like that was so different from what I did when I was living up in NH. For some reason, it just worked that time. So weird.

    Part of it is just age, too. A year or two can make a huge difference in our bodies ability to shed the weight. Now that I’m almost 38 (eeek!), I am joining WW and I have to stick with it because I can’t afford to hang on to these extra 30lbs anymore.

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