Friday, February 27, 2009

Stop Feeding Yourself And Help Feed Others

Like many reality shows, The Biggest Loser is working with a charity. But I find it ironic that the one they have chosen is Feeding America - which donates money and food to local food banks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol - The Second Group Of 12

Jasmine Murray - I remember her as being one of the strongest singers during Hollywood week. She didn’t sound that great this week to me. I think the song was in too low a key for her to really give it her best.
Matt Giraud - very average. Not a particularly good performance, and I don’t remember him at all from Hollywood week, so he’s probably gone.
Jeanine Vailes - Oh good God - a sequined tuxedo jacket with rolled up Daisy Dukes? No, no - not a good choice. She looked like she was attending a formal backyard barbecue. And the singing was worse.
Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle - I really don’t know what to say about this guy. I will admit that his alter ego is amusing to a point, but when he is in character he doesn’t sing all that well, as opposed to the one moment in the initial audition when he showed he actually has a nice voice. Given that this is a one in a lifetime chance, I don’t see why he can’t just drop the persona a little bit and really show his talent.
Allison Iraheta - Finally, a good singer. She picked a good song for her voice (and look), and she gave an entertaining, honest performance.
Kris Allen - Bad first note, boring performance, never seen him before as far as I can remember - he’s gone.
Megan Joy Corkrey - One of the most beautiful contestants ever, and she has a nice voice too. Her little hip shimmy and wiggling was a bit odd, but in an endearing way. And she was dressed like an 8 year old on the first day of school - but it worked. I liked her. Also pretty much the only one who sang the right song.
Matt Breitzke - First guy to actually have a chance. He has a tough guy vibe, and despite the judge’s opinion I thought he sang a nice rockin’ song that fit him.
Jesse Langseth - Eh. I think she sang well, but I just wasn’t reall interested by this performance. I can’t put my finger on what it was missing, but it was something.
Kai Kalama - Nice singer, and a good looking guy, but he has got to get a grip on his hair. ‘Fro it out or cut it off dude, cause right now it is just unkempt and crazy and you kind of look like a mugger.
Mishavonna Henson - She started like she was in pain, and then spent the rest of the time looking vaguely angry at the camera. And it may be mean to say, but she had a piggy nose that was really distracting to me. Not that that should have any bearing on whether or not she advances. I’m just saying.
Adam Lambert - Great performer - and he should be since he has worked in shows like Wicked. This was a little overdone, and his voice paid the price - he can really sing but he didn’t sound so good last night - very affected and almost screechy at times.
So this is where the new voting starts to show how unfair it is - there were at least 4 people eliminated last week who deserved to be around longer than almost anyone in this group. Make the voting fair, or split the groups better.
By the way - this was a two hour show that I taped and watched in 38 minutes by skipping all the filler. Way to waste our time, Fox.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll Take A Donut, But I Pass On The Jeans

There is a SlimFast commercial currently airing that features a woman fighting off giant donuts to illustrate how SlimFast gives you the power to refuse treats by eliminating hunger for four hours. I have two problems with this ad: the first is that when she gives a big kick to a donut (and yes I know I'm spelling it wrong - it's the slang way and it's faster, deal) she aims it dead center and the donut flies apart. Now, I could be wrong, not being all that acquainted with donuts (haha), but don't they have a big hole in the middle? And if you really kicked at the middle would your leg just go into the hole? It may be a dumb issue but it bugs me. The other thing I don't like is that they have her in mid rise jeans (ie mom jeans) that are at least one size too small, with her shirt tucked in. I realize this is so that when she tightens her belt to accentuate losing weight we can see it - but the result is that a woman with a perfectly nice figure ends up looking dumpy. And maybe the point is to show she still has weight to lose, but it certainly doesn't flatter her figure. Personally I think weight loss tools are better served by showing people who are already at their best - which this woman would be if she had the correct size of pants.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some SAG Members Must Already Be Striking

Last week, while watching my shows, I noticed no less than five of my shows had the same guest stars: Leverage shared actors with Dollhouse and Burn Notice (possibly two with Burn Notice*), and the patient on House helped Shawn and Gus catch a serial killer on Psych. There may even have been a crossover of Monk and Dollhouse on the same night, *but I couldn't find a full cast list (these were very small parts) to verify. Now, obviously this is not the first time I noticed guest stars I have seen previously - almost every killer on any version of Law and Order has been on at least one of the other shows - sometimes they have been on all three, and there are cross overs with CSI, Without A Trace, etc. One actor - Zeljko Ivanek- has been on House, The Mentalist, Heroes and Damages just this season. But never before have I seen so many of the same actors in episodes all airing at the same time - these guys must have been busy! It makes you wonder where all the other actors are.

addition - we have another one - Tuesday 2/24/9's Leverage and Wednesday 2/25/9's Life shared a costar.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Smarts - None, Fiber - Yes

FiberOne has some vaguely funny ads where people refuse to believe that the FiberOne product they are eating has any fiber in it. The best of these is about the yogurt - and a cranky old lady who says that you must have to eat the box to get the fiber. They also have a lame add where a guy is writing on theFiberOne cereal boxes to make it read Fiber None. Now, as a selling point on something that doesn't obviously contain fiber (ie the yogurt) this would be funny - on cereal, which is made of grains and pretty clearly is going to contain at least some fiber, it is just stupid. And annoying to me because it doesn't comply with logic, and we all know how I like my logic.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Play With Dolls

Tonight is the second episode of Dollhouse, and I am greatly looking forward to it. The premiere episode was pretty good, and I'm thinking I'm going to like this show alot (not surprising since I've like all of Joss Whedon's previous efforts). If you've got nothing better to do than sit in front of the TV on a Friday night, then check it out. Tape it and watch it after Monk and Psych like I do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol - The Votes

Last night watching the results for the first twelve contestants I wasn't so sure about the new voting system - it seemed to have pros and cons. After thinking about it however, I think I have to say that I don't like it. Yes, it does eliminate the seemingly endless weeks of results shows where they ever so slowly kick of people two by two. And I suppose it will prevent such travesties (travestys? neither looks right) as the Sanjaya debacle, where an obviously sub par singer keeps getting advanced because of their popularity (although it didn't preven the judges from putting Bikini Girl through to Hollywood despite her sucking, so I guess that issue only applies to us stupid non-experts). But isn't this supposed to be about America's choice? If we want to pick someone because of personality over singing ability than we should be able to do that - Britney Spears made a pretty good career off of just that principle. Besides these factors, I feel that this new voting system offers a huge disadvantage to every contestant who wasn't extensively showcased during the audition process. One song is not enough to allow the voters to really know each contestant and vote for their favorite - it seems really unfair to expect each singer to adequately showcase not only their ability, but their potential and their charms with only one song. having several weeks of voting allows the audience to really see who is improving as well as get to know each hopeful better and determine who they like. I was certainly happy with the choices made last night for the three advancing to the top twelve, but there were at least four other people I was sad to see the last of - I would have liked to hear them sing a few more times to watch them develop as performers. And to be honest, I'm not sure that everyone voted into the top twelve would make it given a few more weeks. So all in all I'm pretty disappointed with the new voting system - I don't think that we sholud go back to the endless weeks of eliminating people in pairs, but one or two more chances would level the playing field a little better and give America a better chance to judge and decide who is truly the most deserving. But heck, Tatiana was eliminated so I guess I really can't be too picky.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - The First 12

Jackie Tohn - really great original performance - but what was she wearing? It was like the top half of a really cute dress paired with spandex aerobic pants and sneakers. Not a look most people can pull off. Or would even want to.
Rick Braddy - I guess he had a decent voice, but man was he boring. The song was blah, his performance was very ‘dim lit piano bar’, and his velvet blazer looked like a smoking jacket adding a weird smarmy aspect to it. But the judges liked it so what do I know.
Alexis Grace - Maybe not the best vocals ever (who can really do Aretha anyway?) but pretty damn good. And she had a really cool vibe going on - very slinky cabaret with a little bit of attitude thrown in by the pink streaks in her hair.
Brent Keith - Very karaoke-ish. That’s really all I have to say - I don’t expect to see him around for long.
Stevie Wright - Oh dear God, please don’t let her sing again! This was also like karaoke - bad karaoke. Almost painful to watch and definitely painful to listen to.
Anoop Desai - I don’t know if this was really a show stopping performance, but I like this guy. He reminds me of Kal Penn (Kutner on House).
Casey Carlson - Decent performance, but she doesn’t have the voice to win. However, she is really pretty, so she will probably be around for awhile.
Michael Sarver - I didn’t love his performance, but I don’t really like that song so I’m not really a good judge. But I like this guy so I agree with the judges when they say they hope he gets to stick around.
Ann Marie Boskovich - I feel like she sang well but there was no connection somehow. I can’t really explain what was missing, but it seemed like I should have really been moved by her performance and I wasn’t so there was a lack somewhere.
Stephen Fowler - Was this out of key the whole time? Seemed like it to me.
Tatiana Del Toro - She wore a mini dress with mismatched tulle attached to the bottom to the initial audition, which demonstrated her total lunacy from the beginning. She was almost unbearably obnoxious during Hollywood week which pretty much eliminated any chance I would ever like her (A+ to Simon for labeling her (accurately) a fame hungry drama queen). So I’m sorry to say she didn’t totally suck too badly, not that she was good. And man, did she pork up between Hollywood week and last night? Wow. Not that weight is an issue to the competition, but honestly, if you know you are going to be on national television in a few months, do you pack it on?
Danny Gokey - This guy’s wife died - how can you not want to vote for him? Oh, and he sings pretty great too.

PS: was Neil Patrick Harris was sitting next to Ted Danson in the audience? Are they friends? Do they hang out or was it all coincidence? Strange
PPS: How sweet does X-Men Origins: Wolverine look? I could have cared less when I heard they were making it - I figured I’d see it at some point because I saw the other X-Men movies, but the previews look really good, so now I am actually anticipating it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's Some Warm And Fuzzy Banking

I am enjoying 1st Bank's commerrcials - the one where two guys are in the coffee shop and they have the same shirt (which gets ripped off one of them) and same order (of which the same guy's gets knocked to the ground) all to illustrate how 1st bank protects your identity - very amusing. The other one features a guy frolicking (because what other word is there?) on the grass with lots of cute bunnies, and his friend in shining armor who wanders over. Apparently these are surreal examples of what these guys are doing online - the knight is "gaming" and the guy with the bunnies is... banking? It also apparently smells like cookies in the ether that is the realm of online banking with 1st bank. Totally random and weird, but I love it. The final commercial I have a little questoin about: in it the guy and his girlfriend are stranded in a very remote location and they call his bank's customer service. A guy in a shack 100 yards away answers because he is the customer service rep. This is a funny take on the whole outsourcing thing, btu what I don't get is that once the couple realizes they are talking to someone who is as far out of town as they are, the first guy hangs up. Doesn't he still need his problem solved?

Happy Stories Only Please

In the past month or so several people have told me terrible stories of horrible things happing to children (I'm not going to repeat them here because I'm tearing up just thinking about it so I don't want to dwell). As a doting mother (with raging post pregnancy hormones no doubt), I would like to request that people stop doing this. The last one left me crying for three days. Plus, I am already enough of a hermit - I don't really need any more reasons to refuse to let my children go anywhere so they can safe at home with me. Although I won't do it because I don't believe it is the best interests of my children, part of me thinks it perfectly reasonable to homeschool my kids so they never meet anyone and never get their feelings hurt. Sane, right? So lets all just focus on the happy aspects of life so that I don't become a completely psychotic nutjob who spoon feeds her kids at thirteen, and whose kids aren't allowed to be friends with anyone but their Mommy. At least until my emotional balance gets back on track.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Save Me From Myself!

Can someone please come over here every day around noon and take away my computer and television? Every day I put the kids down for their naps, spend a few minutes trying to eat (typically my only actual meal of the day since I'm too busy or too incapacitated holding the baby to eat the rest of the time), and plan to take a nap. But of course, I can't just eat, I have to read or watch tv or go online, or most often do some combination of the three, and I end up wasting time and never actually go to bed. And then one or more of the kids is awake and making chattering sounds and then it's way too late to sleep. And of course none of this would be a problme, except that I can't assume I'm going to get any real sleep at night either. It's really annoying and there is no one to blame but myself - which is why I need someone to come over here and control me. Because clearly I am incapable.

ps: keep the cookies away from me too

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day, and a lucky Friday the 13th!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Single Mom Or Certifiable Lunatic?

Because my husband is working in another state, for all intents and purposes I am currently a single mom at home with 3 kids under 3. This is not too bad, but it does present certain challenges and frustrations, and going anywhere is quite the production. For this reason (and because I'm not a nutjob) I do not understand the motivation behind Nadya Suleman's desire to have more children. Now, obviously I'm sure she wasn't preparing to have octuplets (I doubt she aspires to be a golden retriever), but she was planning on having a seventh - and that is pretty strange to me considering she is a single mother. Who lives in a 1500 sq ft, three bedroom house. With her parents. Is this really the optimum situation to bring a seventh child into - much less fourteen(under the age of 7- gaaah!)? I think not. And considering she paid for in vitro fertilization and a sperm donor for all of these kids, shouldn't we perhaps question her sanity? I mean, it's not like she accidentally had 14 kids, or even went about getting knocked up the normal way. As well as her parents' for not saying "hey, if you have enough money to spend on all these fertility procedures, maybe you should get the hell out and pay for your own apartment. And set up a college fund while you're at it!" And shouldn'yt we also questoin the morality of the doctor who agreed to the procedure in the first place? No one in their right mind could think that is an appropriate situation to bring more children into - what is their quality of life really going to be like - and someone should have stopped and thought about that at some point. But apparently the doctor, and the mother (especially if rumors of her trying to get a huge payday as a child care specialist prove true) had more important things on their minds. Like themselves acquiring money and fame. I can only hope the kids are able to grow and thrive and achieve their own dreams someday (which hopefully don't involve the exploitation of others).

ps: a new thought - maybe they are starting a cult and just breeding all the members

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol: Pre Final 36

Here's hoping that shrew Tatiana gets voted off quickly. I would hope that she doesn't even make the final 36, but you know her histrionics/conceited self-absorption are good for ratings. And whie AI is most likely not hurting in the ratings arena, producers can never look past the potential drama. Nor can they seem to stop themselves from validating such an individual's deluded and inflated sense of self worth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On My Own Again

Well, I am alone with the kids again, only this time there are three so I am seriously out numbered. And to make things even more challenging, I have also lost my voice. This may not sound like much, but let me tell you - delivering a stern, warning tone when you can barely make a sound is hard. Forget about yelling down the hall when I can't go stop an altercation because I have the baby in my arms. Oh well- this is still better than having to take care of everyone when I had strep throat.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I just filed our taxes, and now I have to clean the house for another showing. Wheee - what a fun day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

When you are discussing more than one people person, do you say people persons, or people people?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pass The Vitamin C

I am f-ing sick AGAIN. This is beginning to get really annoying. I think I have been sick more often in the past 6 months (maybe even the past 3) than I have in the past 6 years. And I'm done. I don't know what the heck I did to deteriorate my immune system so much, but I'm going to do whatever I can to build it back up to heroic levels. Or, at least I will once I figure out what to do.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

C'Mon In And Take A Look Around

WooHoo! Today we had a showing on our house! Let's hope that they thought it was adorable and the perfect home and are planning to make an offer. And we will also hope the house stays clean for a long time because it looks gorgeous right now. Thanks mom and mother in law!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SuperAds Recap

The Best:
Pepsi Max - the diet cola for men. Perhaps not super creative in terms of being something we’ve never seen before, but it was impossible not to laugh at all the guys getting creamed, popping up and saying "I'm good.".
runners up:
Pepsi Forever Young - featuring various comparisons between the sixties and now, this spot had good music and just left a pleasant feeling behind
Bud Light - the first spot for Bud Light set in a budget meeting was vaguely amusing, until the guy suggested not buying beer for every meeting and was promptly flung out the window. Unexpected and funny.
Pepsi MacGruber: Absolutely the worst ad the whole night. I get that this is an established character from SNL (which by the way, is not even close to funny anymore) so maybe I missed the tongue in cheek attitude or something, but this was so completely awful I can’t even bear to think about it anymore. What I normally would consider its only redeeming point - that they managed to get Richard Dean Anderson (the real MacGuyver) - instead just made me sad that he doesn’t have anything better to do.
runner up:
Sobe: transcended the absurdity of last year’s spot with football players dancing ballet, and the lizards joining in (with a character from the new movie Monsters vs. Aliens for some unknown reason). Really took surrealism to whole new, atrocious levels.
Mixed Feelings:
Audi: the commercial was a send up of the Transporter movies with Jason Statham, and showed him being chased in various cars through the decades. Managed to get the point across that there were different top vehicles in different decades and today it is Audi (at least I think that was the point), but other than that the time travel aspect was just confusing.
Doritos: Both spots were pretty funny, but one had an ending that was too predictable and one had a surprise ending that was inexplicable. The first “crystal ball” spot was funny when the guy suddenly turned and threw the snow globe through the vending machine in order to get chips, but the end when he threw it into his boss was obvious. The second spot where the guy got fantasies to come true when he took a bite was dumb, until he got hit by the bus. Then it was just weird.
ETrade: Not as good as their older spots, I did enjoy the new baby’s line about flexing the golden pipes.
Castrol Edge: Yes this ad was bizarre in concept. Yes it was for motor oil which is hardly a glamour product. But when the guy (sitting in his garage with an air filter on his head) said the chimps just showed up and made him their king, I laughed.
The Old Standard:
Budweiser really dropped the ball this year. Their long standing series featuring the Dalmatian dog and Clydesdale horses was extremely sub par. I usually look forward to these ads since they can be either sentimental or hysterical, but this year they were just lame.
Leno vs. Conan:
Both late night hosts had spots advertising their shows which were practically total opposites, but good in their own ways. Jay’s featured him driving a sweet car with only the most basic info (10, 9 central, fall) about his show painted on it. It was simple, subtle, and effective. Conan’s ad had different celebrities (Martha Stewart, Tina Fey, Adam Sandler and Megan Mullaly) singing his praises. I particularly like Sandler’s assertion that “Conan removes the smell.” Funny and absurd. Winner: tie (depends on your personal taste)
Get A Job!! and both had commercials, one which was not quite as well executed as the other. had a very short spot which used funny imagery (sitting under the rear end of a stuffed - we hope- moose) to illustrate the unpleasantness of needing a new job. used different little scenes as examples of what might make it the right time to find a new job - when you hate your job, get no respect, dream of being somewhere else, etc. In general these were amusing, but they dragged on way too long, and threw in an inexplicable koala bear with glasses and coffee which took the spot from clever to boring and strange. Winner:
Thank You:
For the ad for the new movie Fast and Furious (not so much for the movie itself). I recently read a blurb about Vin Diesel that said he was working on this film, and because the name is practically the same as the original film (which came out in 2001) I was totally confused. I thought perhaps the writer was either on crack and unaware of the current year, or maybe even making a snide comment about Vin not working so much, but either way I was puzzled. So thanks for clearing that up for me. As for actually making another movie, well, I’ll just look past that decision.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Recap - In Progress

So, I know you are all waiting with baited mouse to scroll through my blog and see what I thought of all the ads this super Bowl. Well, you are just going to have to wait another day because between nighttime feedings every two hours and napping during the day I haven't gotten around to seeing them yet. But I promise I'll be working on it tonight and should have some opinions by tomorrow. Or I'll abandon the whole project and you will have to wait until next year for my scathing insights.