Monday, August 31, 2009

NaBloPo No Mo

Well, I did it. One post a day for 31 days. In a row. Yay me! It was surprisingly easy, as far as remembering to find the time to do it each day. perhaps a little less easy coming up withi things to talk about, although how often do I really discuss anything of merit? It was a really fun exercise, and actually finishing is a little anti-climactic because now it has become a true habit to write every single day. So maybe I won't stop. I'm certainly not going to write every day from now on forever, there will be days I skip because I'm busy or tired or simply forget, but I hope that those days are few and far between. Instead, I'm going to try to relax my previously rigid Mon-Fri schedule, and throw in some weekends on occasion. After all, I can't stop doing Saturday Say What and the Sunday Snaps, although they may be every couple of weeks now so I have time to save up the really good material. This exercise taught me that having a goal of writing every single day, and feeling the pressure to meet those goals, meant that I always had something to say. There was never an option of not writing, so I simply had to sit at the computer and type. Maybe the entry didn't go where I thought it would when I started, and quite a few times it didn't really go anywhere at all. But it got done. I got the words out of my head and onto the computer screen, spreading my thoughts from my head through my fingers and out into the world. And I'm so glad I did.

Your August Moment of Zen: Sophie's first taste of ice cream (actually fro-yo)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Snaps

The shadows stretched across the lawn
growing longer, like the children in the grass

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Say What

Informing us about Sophie spitting-up on the floor- "yikes, that's gross."

After wetting the bed, I changed all the sheets and had her hope back into bed. I had the blanket in my hands to lay over her after she lay down, but she didn't see it. She must have thought she wasn't gettng a blanket because she told us horrified- "I'm gonna be too chilly!"

At breakfast- "There are blueberries in my blueberries!"

At random- My pee smells like the shower."

Um, Ok.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Not A Popularity Contest

The other day, someone I follow on Twitter (and who reads this, Hi!) asked why Dooce is so famous. Not in a snarky, mean way (because honestly, how can you not love her?) but in a truly curious way, and I thought to myself "yeah." Because you do wonder why some of these writers are super famous and how they got that way. I read a ton of blogs, and each of the writers is equally funny, witty, insightful and talented. Each writes with such charm and personality that you can't help but love them; which is why I read. But some get thousands of hits and some get tens. Which makes you wonder how some people get the word out about their blogs while others don't, and the question becomes "how do I attract more readers to my little blog, too?" Which is dangerous territory for a so called mommyblogger these days. You hear all about the greedy races for sponsors and paid reviews and any search anywhere for money money money. People want to become famous so they can become rich - one blogger manages to make it financially and suddenly all kinds of people out there want to hop on the gravy train. Which is fine for them. For me, I want it to be about my writing. I want my stories and my personality to shine and draw followers, and I have to a very small degree. But I want more. The people whose blogs I read, and who read mine, are my friends. We read each others stories and we grieve for tragedies; celebrate triumphs. We share pregnancies, and attempts at pregnancies, and births and growing up (both ourselves and our kids) together. And I want more of that. And yeah, I want a book deal too, but I want it because I long to have my words on a shelf and in someone's hands. Someone who is reading and thinking "I get it" and "thank you for sharing your story, which is also my story," as I have felt with some of the books I've read. And of course, I'm never going to say "oh no, don't throw that money at me, I do it for the art," but that is why I do it. not to become rich financially, but to become rich emotionally. Not to be 'famous' but to expand my growing friendships and connect with all of the women out there who are like me: to have the group of friends who know me and love me and get me, that I have never had before. I know that there will be many who stray across my blog who never return. That's fine. I have visited many sites myself to never return because it wasn't a good fit. But some will stay. And return. And possibly tell their friends. Before people can love me, they have to read me - and that brings me back to wondering how to get them here in the first place.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My, What A Charming Entry

Okay, I'll admit it: after having three kids, every time I sneeze I pee a little. Big whoop. It is a delightful side effect, but really not all that much of an issue because how often really do I sneeze? However, it has come with a lovely new habit consisting of me grabbing at myself like a first grader when I do sneeze so as to prevent any leakage. I do my best to find other methods in public, but at home this is really the most expedient way and so I feel free. Yesterday I was struck by a sneeze, and for the first time Izzy noticed. She gave me the most puzzled look for a few seconds, and then asked "why did you grab your..." I didn't fill in the blanks because I kind of wanted to hear how she'd finish that sentence, and also sort of wanted her to forget about it so I wouldn't have to answer it. She finally settled on "bobo" so I had to answer. I believe I told her that after having three kids I leak a little when I sneeze, and that gesture helped me prevent it. Of course I got the universal "why" to which I responded "because it gets a little stretched out down there when you have babies." At which point she stared at me for a few seconds, and then gave me the most patronizing, calculated for least offensiveness smile imaginable. It was totally the smile you give to crazies on the El who come up and tell you all about their mission from Krastlk-13 and how they were sent back to rescue the spider monkey from the devil. Seriuosly. it was totally that 'I don't want to talk to you anymore so I'm just going to smile and back away slowly and hope you don't notice, lunatic' smile. Awesome.

Weigh In Wednesday

One of the hardest things about embarking on any sort of lifestyle/dietary changes has got to be support from your family. Not that each and every one of the people who love you don't wish you success in your endeavor. But let's face it, they KNOW you scarf cake and Burger King and can eat an entire pizza by yourself. It is easy to convince a stranger or someone who doesn't know you well that you don't eat sugar/wheat/dairy/meat/whatever. It is easy to be all disciplined on a limited basis. I for one feel very virtuous when my grocery store selections are all greeny and healthy with not a single junk food item in sight - regardless of whether or not any one else cares or has even noticed. But it is hard to impress those virtues on to other people, who know that you aren't really like that. Especially if the people in your life aren't prone to fad diets themselves. Yes, I believe everything in moderation is the best way to go - but I think by now I have established that perhpas I'm not so successful at moderating myself. I would like to be one of those women who is very disciplined and simply abstains from the poorer food choices in life - not a starving, shrunken, crabby woman, just one who doesn't feel the need to cram sugar in her face regularly. And I totally realize that any skepticism or doubt that my family might feel about my ability to do such things is all in my head (especially since I doubt I've ever even really discussed it), but it can still be enough to stop me sometimes. I feel like my choices would make me a phony - just trying to be disciplined and healthy rather than someone who is actually that way naturally. So how long does it take to rewrite your self perceptions? To stop projecting my own self doubts on to my family as an excuse to give up and hork cookies? And even if they were sitting at home in grave judgement of my eating habits admonishing me for never having any fun or whatever, why should I really care? If eating well makes me feel better as a person, as well as better physically, then who really cares what others think about it right? Right. Now I'll just participate in a few years therapy until I actually believe that, HA!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Not Raining On My Parade

I love the rain. I am the type of person who can sit on the couch reading and watching tv for hours (fine, days), and there is just something about a rainy day that makes that so much more snuggly and cozy. So I was very excited to move back to the Midwest where you actually get rainy days. And, in fact, there have been some lovely thunderstorms since I've been here - in the middle of the night. I have woken up several times and discovered wonderful thunder and lightning going on, at 4am. This would be fine, if it wasn't then all sunny and shiny when I got up three hours later. I'm getting cheated here! It is not fair that all the good rain keeps falling when I'm sleeping - and it really sucks to have to explain to my kids that we can't go outside because everything is wet, when the sun is shining so brightly. They are going to stop believing me soon. Our last house was in some strange nexus of the universe where it never rained; it would seriously rain all the time in town and just over the highway, but our neighborhood would stay dry- so weird. So I better not have moved to another freak locale where the rain only falls at night!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not So Manic Monday

Well, here we are at almost 10pm, and I still do not have a thing to say. But far be it from me to fail in my daily posting pursuits, so here I am. Today was uneventful - last night the AC stopped working (thanks apparently to a combination of my husband chipping into the wires outside with the trimmer and then electrocuting himself while trying to fix it), so we had a repairman come by to take a look and fix it up all nice and cool again. Aaaaah. Other than that, I was feeling under the weather, and Sophie developed quite the runny nose and was snuffling and snorting most impressively by bedtime. She has seriously had more snotty noses than the other two kids combined, poor kid. Fortunately my other two kids were in accomodating moods (and perhaps were not feeling 100% themselves), so they were mostly okay playing by themselves while I sat on the couch cuddling the baby. We all took 3 hour naps, and I was so totally unconscious that it served to make the whole day seem like it lasted about 2 hours. Which was kind of nice. It is definitely the worst part of motherhood that you can't get a break when you are sick, so when the kids help even a little by not needing me to wait on them as much as usual, I'll take it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Snaps

we're off to see the animals,
lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

around and around we went,
searching for Daddy every time

and undersea tunnel,
like another world entirely
the sun set on a happy busy day
painting the sky in celebration

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Say What

I noticed a scrape in her forehead between her eyes and asked what she bumped her head on. Sheepishly: "the wall."

When she finally noticed the mark on her face: "this is going to be a problem."

On the way home for lunch: "I'm going to need a vacuum with my food cause it's gonna get messy."

handing me her water bottle to fill up: "because I don't have a sink in my room."

after some imaginary injury that I couldn't kiss because I was feeding the baby: "When you're done with Sophie you're gonna come over here and kiss my hand."

This is actually from a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to post it:

my husband gave Izzy a piece of junk mail to play with, and then later asked if she wanted to keep it. she said: "Of course, it says Happy Birthday to me."

wtf? can my three year old read?! Or was it a lucky guess?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Let's Share

Someone I used to follow on Twitter but don't anymore because they were whiny and boring and negative all the time, made a comment once about people who comment on blogs. They said that some really selfish self absorbed people will comment on blogs, making it all about them and telling you their story instead of just commenting on the blog as written. And ever since then I have been super aware of the comments I leave on other's blogs, noticing that I am guilty of talking about myself or my kids, and worrying that the blog writers are all thinking "ugh, what a self absorbed bitch always talking about herself." But then I go thinking, and i realized that if we were talking in person, I would be saying the exact same things, and that if the tables were reversed, I would expect the other person to do the same. I LIKE when people leave their own experiences in my comments - if you have done the same stupid silly or embarassing things as me, I want to know. Isn't that why we write this stuff anyway? To feel less alone in our mistakes and experiences? And isn't part of the purpose of blogs like this to start a conversation? Talking with someone who only says "good for you" and "I'm so sorry" without ever adding to the discussion is boring - and reading it is even less interesting. Sure there are people guilty of "one upping" and turning everything around on themselves, but it is also impossible to have a frank discussion about your experiences with your life and kids without expceting people to share their stories. I think someone who wants everything to be about themselves and never hear any comments that shed a new light on the subject is the selfish one. So I'm sorry if you think my comments on your blogs are self absorbed and that I should just be supportive without talking about myself. If that's the case, then I'll just read and not comment. As for me - please feel free to share anything you want in my comments. It makes me feel like I'm talking to friends instead of myself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neat And Tidyish

Today I just do not know what to write about. I have all of these little ideas flitting about inmy head: they pop up ever so briefly like the landscape revealed in a flash of lightning, but when I stop to really ponder and possibly even formulate a sentence all is black again. I can't read or concentrate on tv (!!! I know!!!) because of these ideas popping up and racing away ever so quickly. In fact, it has proven so difficult to grasp even one of these tricksy little buggers (mixed metaphors much?) that I resorted to occupying my time in the rarest of activities - cleaning. I am not a cleaner. I suck at it, I know I suck at it, and I am WAY to good at procrastinating and letting time slip away that I rarely ever get to it. Not that I look past the dirt or anything. I fully see it, and it DRIVES ME NUTS every single minute I see it, but I just can't seem to muster the energy to tackle cleaning it up. It's like the whole disaster is so overwhelming I can't think of a way to start so I never do anything. Until I can't stand it anymore, or the need to procrastinate on something else is so strong that I finally decide to do some cleaning. And I invariably start with vacuuming. Now, you experienced and competant cleaners out there are probably thinking "never start on the floors!" but of course I don't know this because I am only an amateur cleaner who engages in this type of activity on a semi annual basis. So I start with the floors. I get them all nice and crumb free (which, as an aside: is there anyway, besides getting a dog, to keep your floors crumbs free without vacuuming everyday? Swiffer picks up cat hair but not the crumbs. Tips would be appreciated), and then I decide to work on table tops, booster seats, etc. basically everything that is still covered in crumbs. D'OH! I'm like an idiot davant of cleaning, where the idiot part is the actual cleaning and the savant part is... um.... I don't know, eating sandwiches? I also have a tendancy to do all the floors, and then forget about the rest of the room, which I am just now realizing I totally did upstairs. I cleaned downstairs, went upstairs and vacuumed my bedroom and the bathroom, and then stopped without wiping any counters, dusting, etc. Whoops. Oh well. Maybe I'll get around to it next time - if I remember to start there.

note: if this reads completely crazy it's because my cursor keeps jumping to a different part of the screen as I am writing. I think I caught all the weird sentences, but it is entirely possible I didn't. And if you read this regularly, you are aware that the only thing I'm worse at than cleaning is proofreading my entries for typos.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Today I made my first visit to the gym in, oh, let's say, two years. Seriously. And it was actually fun! I got to drop my kids off in the little day care area (first time EVER any of them has been in a daycare situation, and there was not one problem. infact, I'm not even sure they noticed I left them there, which I was happy about until I realized they didn't miss me at all. Boo hoo), and go out and paddle away on the elliptical machine without a care in the world. I didn't worry about taking too much time, it wasn't late at night so I didn't have to worry about getting all amped up before bedtime, I knew the kids were doing juts fine because they were still essentially there with me, it was great. Yay! And now that I'm all signed up with my membership and the pass to the kids' club, I can go there anytime I want to. Izzy and Jack had a great time playing, I got in some much needed exercise (and kid free time!), and I can't wait to go back tomorrow. And maybe even start fitting into my clothes again, who knows?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dahlia ?-2009

I have once again lost a cat suddenly. A week ago Thursday we brought home Dahlia, a beautiful, sweet kitty we found at the Humane Society. At first I attributed her reluctance to eat as anxiety about her new home, but after a couple of days when she relaxed and cleaned her bowl, she once again began ignoring the food and I knew something was wrong. Sunday night she could barely walk she was so thin, and Monday morning at the vet I knew we wouldn't be bringing her home again. And it is all so unfair. I was somewhat unsure when we first adopted her; worried I made the wrong choice, worried it was too soon. But as soon as we got her home I knew it was right. Sitting on the bed next to her felt like being with Iris again. It was like I had her back with me, making this loss all the more cruel. I never got to really know Dahlia, never got to truly comfort her and love her the way she deserved, and I was unable to be there with her at the end. I never even had the chance to take a picture. I had planned to wait a couple of weeks for her to truly adjust and then post about the new member of our family. She was black as midnight, with eyes of pale green, and even though I only had her 10 days, I loved her. I grieve for her life cut short, and I grieve for the future I saw us having. RIP.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I wish I was a dancer. Taken that chance to use my body as my instrument. Living, breathing, moving. To music, silence, my own heartbeat. Feeling my arms and legs and spirit, under my control, out of it, forming the shape of my emotions; allowing my soul to speak. The body stiffens, thickens, slows, but the kanguage is always there. I am a dancer.
I wish I was a writer. Using my words to shape perception, ideas. Malleable, moldable, concrete – words are clay, words are stone. Wounding, weeping, comforting. Making people laugh. Finding the words to express intangible sensation, open to the minds and hearts of others. Unlocking the door to my head, my heart, and letting the light shine in. I am a writer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Snaps

Three kids, one double stroller, the zoo.

she kept asking to see more animals
he just repeated "kitty"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Say What (Or, Actually, Say Nothing)

I know Izzy said funny things this week. I KNOW IT! I know, because I remember laughing at them. What I don't remember is what funny things she actually said. She is just growing up so quickly, and turning into such a young lady, that I forget how precocious some of the things coming out of her mouth are, and so I laugh and immediately move on instead of taking a second to make a mental note, or even an actual note for blogging about later. Oops. So this week's Say What only had two entries. Sorry. I'll do better next week, I promise. (and for good measure I'll make sure she's funnier too)

last weekend. she came down after her nap and my husband still had golf on. She called it "daddy's movie." On Monday, when she came down after her nap I was still watching Bravo. This is what she said:
"I want to watch your movie. I don't want to watch daddy's movie. Because I don't play golf. I play tennis."

On friday we went to the zoo. As we passed one large exhibit she asked to be lifted up. I told her that there weren't any animals out, so we should move on to the next one. She insisted, so I finally picked her up and:
"Oh. Now I see the nothing."

Hahahahah, fine. Not our best week. Deal

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Beginning Of The End *Weep* *Sob* *Gasp*

Today I registered her for preschool:

And okay, she's a wee bit bigger now, but I still feel like she should be this size. Like my little Sophie baby is the same baby I've had all along, and these other, disturbingly large children came out of nowhere. Surely they can't be the same babies I had just a few short years ago? Surely the fact that only four years ago I had NO CHILDREN AT ALL can't possibly be true. And now one of them is leaving me? WHAT?!!! How is that possible? I am so excited for Izzy to start school and meet new friends and have an experience that doesn't include me. But how can she be off having her own life? Without Moi? Not acceptable! It seems like just a nice fun thing to get her into some activities, but really, this is the start of the end - from now on she will be with me less and less, going from two days a week preschool. to five days a week, to kindergarten and on and on. And then she's all grown up and gone. I'm so glad we can give her this opportunity, and I know she is going to love it. And thank God I have two other kids to worry about once I drop her off or I would be a quivering mess peeking through the windows for the whole two hours she's gone.*

*I might be that person anyway

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello World, Are You There? It's Me, Kate

There are days like today, when I really feel just how dull a person I am. Not necessarily in a mopey "I'm such a loser" way (although I certainly have my share of those), but more in a "wow, I have literally nothing of interest to say" type way. When your days are virtually identical, blathering on about them on your blog can only last so long before you are repeating yourself. And so ok, only like 5 people read this, but they still probably don't want to read the same things over and over again, right? I certainly don't want to rehash all the mundane details of my life, and I'm LIVING them repeatedly. But the fact is, there really isn't that much to me beyond my everyday watching the kids, reading magazines, watching tv, avoiding cleaning, life. I don't have past: before I had kids I was not a party girl or a career girl or a rocker girl or anything else- I was a sit at home and read/watch tv girl. I have never been to therapy (although I have thought about it and most likely would benefit from a little outside help), and I've never taken any sort of medication for depression or anxiety or any other disorder. I DO have colitis (wheee!), but that is not really the type of problem that toucing, life altering posts are made of. And yes, I do realize that I have hormones to thank for feeling so maudlin right now, but sometimes after I read other blogs I just feel like I have nothing to add. Other writers are so hilarious, or so profound with their entries - they have been places, physically and emotionally, and they have come out the other side knowing who they are and what they have to say. I want so badly to become part of the conversation, and part of a community, but mostly I don't know what I have to offer that would set me apart from anyone else. What would make my voice be heard above the thousands already speaking? A lot of the time I feel that my contribution to the world is going to be my children - and I'm thrilled to have that honor and responsibility. But I kind of want to leave a mark of my own, you know? At least on more than the five people reading here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday- And Oh Look, I'm Still Totally Neurotic About Meeting People

I have done exactly nothing towards losing weight. The end.

On a totally unrelated topic, the other day at the park I met a nice woman with a daughter about my oldest's age. We talked a little, and she seemed nice, but now I feel like if I keep going back to that same park (she said she's there alot) trying to see her again I will in fact be stalking her. And even if we do meet there again (after I wait the requisite "two days" before trying again so as to not seem desperate, OMG is dating as hard as making mommy friends?) can I really go about the business of trying to set up an playdate? I have talked about the "mommy cards" before, and while I still think they are totally a good idea, I'm a little nervous about actually using them. As we all know I'm a bit of a doofus about meeting people, and not so good in the whole, making friends, social arena in general. So I really can't gauge whether giving someone a card with my contact info on it would be an expedient way of exchanging information or just totally skeeve them out. Can you help me? Picture having a nice conversation with this person at the park:

see how I distract you with my cute baby so that I APPEAR normal?

Your kids are playing nicely together, you two seem to be getting along , and after a while (perhaps even several such conversations on different days) she says that the two of you should schedule a paydate some time. And hands you a card with all her info on it. Would you think she was weird/crazy/a Martha Stewart wannabe control freak? Would you call? I'm completely nervous that I might totally ruin any chances at a friendship if the card idea is lame. What about if the person approached not totally out of the blue, but after a much shorter conversation/less interaction and just said "I know we've just met, but I'm new in town and don't know anyone yet, and I'm trying to meet some people with kids the same age as mine to play with. here's my info." Would that be too weird? Wow. I am really a basket case, huh?
Anyway, assuming I ever get the nerve to actually do any of these things (which is HIGHLY doubtful), which of these cards do you like best:

# 2

# 3

# 4

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

My children apparently are no longer in need of naps. They still go upstairs of course, (I ain't stupid - they can do whatever the hell they want in there, as long as I get some alone time), but instead of sleeping or even being quiet, they engage in what can only be described as shenanigans. Isabelle basically sings the whole time - off key, flat and whithout any discernable tune or lyrics. It is truly delightful, kind of an atonal wailing that goes on and on. Perhaps it is a form of meditation, who knows? Jack on the other hand, uses his time to move the furniture around, although he is nice enough to always have it returned to its original spot by the time i go get him. I truly have no idea what he is doing up there*, unless he has a secret bowling ball that he then proceeds to thrown off the dresser repeatedly. I don't think he is jumping off the furniture (or at least most of the time he's not, there have been some loud thumps followed by crying that were definitely cause by head/floor connections), but I cannot for the life of me figure out what he is doing to be so loud. I have figured out that it's not particularly restful. Sophie is still pretty quiet because she is usually actually sleeping. But when she isn't, there are all kinds of sqeals and babbling added to the naptime symphony. And that is the story of how my special time of peace and quiet became my special time of trying as hard as I can to ignore the children so that I can pretend I'm getting some peace and quiet. Om.

*edited to add: at least one thing he is doing apparently is getting his head stuck in the cross bars of his child sized rocking chair because I just had to go rescue him and spend at least 5 mintues getting him unstuck. Followde by crying from my daughter's room because she needed her fingernails clipped. He is now quiet (with a headache I'm assuming), and she is audibly jumping on the bed. I anticipate more crying soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday we took the kids to the half price bookstore. Okay, actually we took MOMMY to the half price bookstore, but because we are not negligent parents we brought our kids with us. And actually let them come in to the store, too! Where they proceeded to have more fun than I think I have seen them have. EVER. Kid in a candy store, my ass. It should be kid in a BOOK store. They were laughing and playing and racing around the aisles (in a totally, cute, non-disruptive to other shoppers type way- for real,we only got looks of "how cute" instead of glares of "OMG rein in your wildebeasts) like they had just been given a double dose of caffeine with a straight sugar chaser. It was really incredible to see them having so much fun in a store than ostensibly contains like, actualy KNOWLEDGE. Not that I would know given my book choices, haha. But still. There was knowledge there I am sure. And yes, I get it that long aisles are really fun to run around and because they showed minimal interest in pulling books off the shelves Mommy didn't pay them any attention and let them run amuck while she basked in the selection of cheap reads, so that was probably all there was behind the intense excitement, but still. They were loving a BOOKSTORE. And at one point, Izzy opted to stay with me while Brett looked in a different section: until he said it was going to be the history section. At which point she looked at me carefully and said (all cool and subtle like she was trying to pull one over on me) "I think I'll go with Daddy." A kid who actually WANTS to peruse the HISTORY section of a bookstore? Who cares the reason, I'll take it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Snaps*

This week in picures:

a cold drink in the shade
after a long time playing in the sun

a short walk, a new route
a brand new park we had all to ourselves

finally big enough for his own bike
pushing his feet off the ground instead of the pedals

cereal and yogurt in the high chair
eating like a pro, no longer a baby

running through the sprinklers for the very first time
never stopping, always laughing, yelling out "thank you mommy!"
*once again, thanks to Girl's Gone Child for having this great idea and hopefully not caring I'm stealing it

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Say What

when I asked Izzy to WATCH Sophie and make sure she didn't fall off the couch while I made a bottle- "This baby is heavy and you're taking for hours!"

pretending to take pictures of me with one of her toys- "That was a good one. Now GIVE ME SOME ACTION! I want a fashion picture!"

chasing Jack around, arms extended like she planned to attack- "give me a hug!"

trying to get Jack to come swing with her- "Brother Jack, let's go."

playing outside, in the rain water that collected in their wagon overnight- "this pond is wonderful."

after seeing my attempt at a ponytail- "I like your hair back. I want to put my hair back so I'll look beautiful like you."

um, yeah. You can have whatever you want, sweet girl.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hoopin' It Up

Now that we have a fabulous backyard to play in we are spending a lot more time outside. The kids play on the swingset and slide or in the sandbox, they can color with chalk on the patio, and Sophie sits in her saucer and watches or plays with her toys. And mommy? Mommy gets to go in and out of the house getting juice, get up and down rescuing people or stopping the fights over the bikes, and maybe even, every once in a while, get to read one or two pages of a magazine. And because getting interrupted CONSTANTLY while trying to read is on par with Chinese water torture in terms of annoyance, and watching my kids play is only fun for a little while (if we're being honest - I wish I could say I just stare in wonder at them all day but really, it gets old), I occasionally get it into my head that I will play basketball. And man, do I suck. It is a really good thing that Jack likes to rebound for me because I don't make very many shots. And running after the ball myself gets older faster than sitting and staring does due to its very close resemblance to exercise. I much prefer standing in one place and throwing the ball in the vaguest direction of the hoop and watching in wonder when it goes in. This happens almost once out of every 10 times! Pretty impressive, no? But no fear, I have no doubts I will improve as the summer goes on. Or perhaps I will get a little more time for reading. Yeah, let's hope for the reading.

note: I have just reread this entry and man, is it boring! whatever, I feel off today. Deal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ever Wonder What I Think About In The Shower?

The Opposite of Thursday.
For reasons that I need not get into here because not only are they ridiculously dull, but also date back to the first grade (remember opposite day?), the other night I came across the thought "what would be the opposite of Thursday?" I know I know, the complexity of my mind is astonishing. upon determining that, in fact Monday is the opposite of Thursday (explanation to follow) I then had to define the rest of the weeks days in terms of their counterparts.
*note: for my purposes Saturday and Sunday are going to be counted as one day. Because, let's face it, the weekend goes by twice as fast so it really only feels like one day anyway. or, if you are particularly religious, you could say that whatever your particular day of worship is based on your religious preferences doesn't count because that day is special and should stand alone. Of course, then that would mean that it's opposite is a day for satanism, which kind of ruins the whole weekly balance because everyone knows that devil worship is more on a lunar cycle. But hey, if you want to go there that is your decision. As for me, I'm just going to stick with using Saturday and Sunday as one day. M'kay?
Moving on... here are my findings, which are totally scientifical and shit.:

The opposite of Thursday = Monday
Because Thursday is the 2nd to last day before the weekend, and Monday is the first day of the working week. Or something. To be totally honest, in the writing of this intro I have kind of forgotten the logic that got me here in the first place. But let me assure you, when I thought of it, it was totally good and logical and made perfect sense, and if you knew what it was you would totally agree. So just take my word for it - Thursday and Monday are opposites.

The opposite of Tuesday = Friday
Because Friday is almost the weekend, but not quite as fun or cool - meaning the opposite has to be the furthest from the weekend (ie Mon), but not quite as lame or miserable. Voila, Tuesday! See? See how great my logic is?

And of course, the final pairing in opposites is Wednesday = Sat/Sun.
Because obviously, on is the middle of the week and the other is the weekEND. Duh. I can't believe I even had to explain that one to you.

So there you have it. A veritable color wheel of the days of the week. And of course, I hope you have not lost the irony that this has all been determined by a SAHM for whom everyday is EXACTLY THE SAME.

wow - the graphics on this site are awesome! Can you tell I spent, like, two WHOLE MINUTES on this?