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Isabelle got a new, big bicycle for her birthday. It is still too big for her to ride, so she is sticking with her little bike, but very excited that she now has TWO bicycles. When her father told her how lucky she was because he only had one bike himself, she said:

“Don’t worry Daddy. Someday when you are a little boy, you’ll get two bikes too.”

So cute.

And that’s it for this week. There were obviously other funny things she said, but they didn’t translate well, either being specific to context that couldn’t be explained, or (more often) what was funny was her tone and delivery rather than the words themselves. And I can’t type that. So. If you want to see more than one entry each week:

Don’t forget Saturday Say What now accepts submissions! Send any funny, astute, precocious or precious statement your kids (or anyone’s kids) make to and it will appear in the very next Saturday Say What post. Don’t forget to include your name, your kids’ names and ages, and any relevant context.


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  1. sarah says:

    so cute! Ethan says a million things a day that I think “I have to send these to Kate!” but then I can never remember them. LOL

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