Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Say What

After scarfing my attempt at homemade pudding like she was in a race and stopping just shy of licking the bowl: "I don't like this pudding. I want a chocolate instead."

In the mornings, Izzy always comes and wakes my up, and often she will comment on how warm I am from being all snuggly under the covers. The other day, she told me:
"you'll always be hot to me, mom."

getting ready to take a bath the other night: "look at my tiny boobs! Aren't they fabulous?" She then ran off to tell Daddy and called him Brett. It's like she turned into a 30 year old gay man.

Jack has sort of learned about knock knock jokes. His favorite (and only): "knock knock."who's there? "I am!" variation: " Jackie is!!"

So cute.

Now it's your turn; Saturday Say What is now accepting submissions! My kids, while funny on a regular basis, can't keep this feature alive on their own (aided by their mother who is incapable of remembering to write down half of what they say). So I need your help. Is your kid funny? Ever? Come, on, they must say something funny once in awhile. No? Sorry to hear that. Well, if or when they do, let me know! Send any funny, astute, precocious or precious statement your kids (or your anyone's kids) make to . Don't forget to include your name, your kids' names and ages, and any relevant context to the story, and it will appear in the very next Saturday Say What.

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