Feelin’ Craftay

Today was chilly and rainy and meant to be spent indoors. Brett was home from work recovering from being sick all weekend, so I took the opportunity to hit the store at nap time. I got paper and beads and string and glue and markers and sticky foam shapes and all manner of crafty supplies for the kids. They woke up from their naps just as I got home, and we got all set up at the dining room table. We made necklaces and rattles in travel shampoo bottles. We colored pictures with markers and attached foam shapes and fuzzy pom poms with Elmer’s glue. We made tambourines out of paper plates and beads.

Mommy did most of the work, tying knots, opening/closing marker caps, taping and stapling plates together.

It was great fun.

It took 30 minutes.

Seriously, all that planning and shopping and preparing and we worked on crafts for a half hour. And I was running around or hunched over the whole time helping and supervising and doing all the stuff they couldn’t do. Or thought they couldn’t do. Or just didn’t want to do. Not exactly the relaxing all consuming afternoon of arts and crafts I was expecting.

But that’s okay.

The tambourines and rattles were a big hit and were played for the rest of the evening (we even had a little dance party to the “music”) and the necklaces are being slept in right now. And I do think the kids had a good time, even if it was only a short while before they were over it. we have some lovely new artwork adorning our walls, and the kids have some fun new toys they made themselves.

And I didn’t take a single picture.


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  1. Oh, you’ve got such patience! I can’t stand doing crafty projects … my kindergarten-teacher grandma would roll over in her grave if she knew what an aversion I have to all that stuff. But from time to time, I do it for the sake of my kids, and they always love it.

    This post actually makes me want to head out to the craft store. 🙂

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