Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Say What

Jack, after I told him that there will be no more diapers once he's three: "That doesn't make me happy."

Last night stalling at bedtime:
Izzy: "You know when the dog comes upstairs and sneaks in my room? Sometimes that's scary."
Me: "We don't have a dog."
Izzy (sighing in exasperation): "I know, mom."
Me: ???

Talking about macaroni and cheese: "I don't like cheddar explosion. The smell makes it disgusting!"

Singing as we get in the car: "Love, and a mango, love and a mango!"

"Mom, if you ever get lost in the woods, I'll come find you."

"I like being a baby. I wish I could go back to being in your tummy."

"My armpits smell like string cheese. P U!

"I need to do yoga today."

"I'm going to be a zookeeper when I grow up. But first I need to learn my lessons."

"I knew it with my brain. My brain is pretty great."

You can say that again, kid.

And this week's submission from Izzy's cousin Elise who is two weeks older:

To her father at the dinner table:
Elise: "I'm going to marry you dad."
Dad: "But I'm married to Mommy."
Elise: "Oh, ok. But you can help me find a man."

While cleaning up the playroom:
Mom: "Girls, help me clean up."
Elise: "I can't, Mom. My back is killing me."

I especially like that one since jack always tells me he's sick when I ask him to clean up. What happened to my helpful little boy who LOVED cleaning up the toys? le sigh

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BBL Jr said...

Elise and Izzy are quite a pair.