Friday, April 29, 2011

What Do You Mean you Didn't Ask For My Opinion?

So, I read a lot of books, and I watch a lot of movies.  But until now I have been keeping the glorious reward of my precious opinion on these things from you.  How selfish of me.  After all, even though I have moved my reviews over here to leave room for the endlessly fascinating tales of my real life (stop snickering), talking about tv and movies is what started this blog.

So I have decided to start reviewing the movies I go see.  I will occasionally do books to, but a lot of the novels I read are from the $1 bin at the used book store and have been in print for years, so I will probably focus on newly released movies.  But let me just warn you, this will not encompass all things.  My tastes in movies run to the super escapist - critically respected, high drama movies about life and other stuff mostly bore me.  Sure I want to see them eventually- I can appreciate fine acting and talented writing as well as the next guy- I just don't want to spend a ton of money on it.  I want to see stuff with explosions or special effects that are better on the big screen, or romantic comedies- especially if Jennifer Aniston is in them.  Basically, if 14 year old boys or lovesick twenty something girls are the target demographic I'm in.  I don't do horror even though it intrigues me because I already freak myself out in the dark enough, and I don't do anything with Sean Penn, because even though I think he's is supremely talented, I have exact opposite taste as him and have pretty much hated every movie he's ever been in and I just can't tolerate the waste of time anymore.  I'll sum up my tastes thusly: I loved The Hangover and The Bourne Ultimatum, HATED A Brilliant Mind.

In other words, this will not be an outlet for my thoughts on the latest Merchant Ivory film.  Instead, you can expect reviews of such upcoming quality fare as Cowboys and Aliens, and Transformers 3.  I'm sure I'll hit the other stuff as it comes out on DVD, but new releases are going to be a pretty lowbrow affair. Well, not entirely - Hollywood does produce some pedigreed thrillers (Hanna, anyone?), but you get the idea. 

And thankfully, this is the perfect weekend for me to kick off my new(ish) endeavor, as the sure to be an instant classic (heh) Fast Five has just been released into theaters.  go here to read my review

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Baaaack

Ah, back pain.  how I have not at all missed you, and how I resent your unwelcome return.  I was just trying to improve myself - get into better physical condition, maybe drop these pesky 20 lbs or so that have worn out the welcome (and who I never invited in the first place!)- and you have to show up and derail the whole process.  Six weeks I did those insanity workouts - faithfully!- six days a week.  And then, bam! with only 2 weeks left you decide to rear your ugly head again and ruin my every effort.  You make trips to the gym a joke.  You make sleep a pathetic, fitful affair.  You make picking up my children, nearly impossible on occasion, and incredibly unpleasant at best.  And that is not always optional for me, you know - I don't always have a choice whether or not I want to lug a 30 lb (or more!) child around.

The least you could do is work with me here.  I'm trying - I've propped pillows behind me to counteract the squishyness of our living room furniture.  I prop pillows under my knees when I sleep to help you relax and shut your screaming long enough for me to really fall asleep.  I lessened my workouts until they are practically nothing (and actually DO nothing many days), and I stretch and twist and bend to try and ease you.

And still you stab at me.

Well, screw you!  I dealt with your intermittent visits for almost 20 years.  And I probably would have continued to do so, thinking that was the best I could do.  But after three months of you being gone, you have suddenly returned with a vengeance and given me nothing but agony for the past two months, so I'm done.  I'm giving up on monthly maintenance and going to back to the chiropractor more frequently - he fixed you once and he can fix you again.  And if I have to I'll go see a regular doctor or get physical therapy or whatever.  I will do whatever it takes to get rid of you - and no, slamming Advil on a daily basis doesn't count.  I am too young, and you are too persistent for me to tolerate for the next 40 years.  Hell, I could have 60 years left - and I'm not spending it in constant pain.  That's bullshit, and I won't stand for it.

ps: Ow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Say What

when she didn't want me to open her car window: "Keep the windows closed so the bees don't come in.  Cause I'm doing important things."

on a day when she DID want the window open (and I complied): "the wind makes me younger!"

after I painted the wall in the basement all by myself instead of waiting for my mom's next visit (she does our painting usually): "GeeGee will be so proud of her big girl!"

the day before her birthday (god, these comments are old): me: "You can wear that dress tomorrow"
Izzy: "But I'll be five tomorrow."
me: "so? You'll still be the same size."
Izzy: "you mean I'm still going to be a kid?"

after her Jasmine figurine's feet broke off and I super glued it: "I don't want jasmine to break again.  That makes my heart down low."

Daddy: "You smell nice"
Izzy: "Thanks!  You smell like a pig!"  (for the record, this was said like it was a compliment.  And he smelled fine)

"earth is perfect for all the humans to live on.  There's all these houses here."

"Licking the floor is not very sophisticated.  Not that I know what sophisticated means."

And the instant classic around our house, sure to be retold in many embarrassing situations for years to come:

After Brett catches Jack with his pants down examining himself: Daddy: "everything okay with your peepee, buddy?"
Jack: "It's having a bad day."

part two: the next day:  "I have to check my peepee. it's calling to me."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Former Non Blonde

A while ago (I've been meaning to write this post for over a month, shame on me), I made the completely random decision to go blonde. No, I don't really have a reason, other than I've always loved blonde hair, and been way to chicken or rooted (ha, pun) in my brunette identity to give it a shot. But all of a sudden it occurred to me that I was kind of being a wuss - really, what's the big deal about making a drastic color change? people do it all the time. It's not permanent - if I hate it i can always go back to brown. It's something I always wanted to try, and I finally got the courage to do it.


And horrible, self photo aside, I totally love it! The first few days I felt kind of like I was wearing a costume - like anyone who saw me was going to think "she's totally not a blonde, what is she thinking dying her hair that color?" but now that I've adjusted to it, I am really happy. Somehow, even in my usual dumpy clothes I fell like I've somehow made an effort in my appearance because my hair is "done." I find myself wearing makeup more often, and I have been feeling good about myself. I don't really know exactly how to explain it - I just feel sassy and fun and like I've reinvented myself so I have to make other changes to match the hair. Like coloring my hair made it easier for me to make the other changes I've always wanted out of myself. I don't know. All I know is that I am surprisingly happy about the blonde hair, which, to be honest I kind of thought would be an experiment that didn't last and I'd go right back to brown. Now I'm not so sure. know I'll be brown again in the future - but it may be farther off than I originally intended.

This blonde has some life to it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

In My Wildest Dreams

I have recently been completely obsessed with interior design and redecorating my house.  I've been spending tons of time browsing etsy and Ebay and design sites and fabric sites to get ideas for what I like, and what I'd like to do.  I have grand designs of sewing pillows and repainting furniture and covering chairs and whatnot, and I'm having a ball thinking of bright colors and looking at snazzy fabrics that can jazz up the place a little. 

The biggest problem?  There is so much to do, that I am completely overwhelmed by ideas - and all of these sites have links to other stuff that will match something I liked, and I end up down a rabbit hole of matching fabrics and color schemes and I completely forget where I started.  Which is totally fine since I'm only in the browsing and fantasizing stage right now, but signals some serious issues if I ever move into the doing stage.  Because I just keep seeing stuff I like, and thinking how great that would look, and forgetting what I already have and that I kind of have to work with a color palette that is already at least a wee bit established.  I mean, the pale blue/green colors I've got going in my living and dining rooms are easy enough to work with, but the bright red chest of drawers is somewhat limiting.  Especially since I found myself loving some fabrics for accents in the most lovely shade of orange.

Not so good.

And of course, there are different colors involved for the playroom, dining room, living room, bedroom, all of which I'm "shopping" for at the same time, leading to even more confusion and muddling.  Oh - and I basically want EVERYTHING to be a bright accent color apparently.  I'm all over the idea of brightly painted/upholstered furniture with contrasting pillows and I find myself thinking that would be nice for every single thing I need to fix.  Which it most definitely will NOT.

I've got to take a step back and get a handle on the actual colors I want to use where (oh, and maybe what colors I HAVE to use where - since I can't redo anything already done), and then keep the plan firmly in mind while browsing for options.  And maybe only do one room at a time!  Otherwise my house is going to look like a clown car when I get finished.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Running Free

So, the weather (at least for now) has been cooperating in the most springy fashion, with lovely 60 degree weather and beautiful blue skies.  The insane gale force winds typically blowing around here have even helpfully held off until nighttime when all they do is keep me awake rather than limit our ability to play outside.  in other words, it's perfect backyard weather.

And we have a great backyard.  Big patio for the kids to rid their bikes around, lots of grass to run and roll on, swing set with three swings, and two slides.  Perfect for a family with three kids.  But the best part?  I don't have to go out there anymore.

Honestly, I would love nothing more than to be the fun mom who runs around the backyard with her kids, and loves playing outside.  I wish I wanted to take them to the park everyday and have all kinds of fun and great memories.  But I seriously HATE being outside.  I like reading.  I like television.  I like sitting on my ass on soft sofas.  I am an indoor girl.  And I get bored (at best) and grumpy (at worst) when force to go outside in order to not be a horrible mother who forces her kids to play in the basement constantly.  So you can imagine how thrilled I am that so far, I seem to be able to let the kids go outside on their own while I stay inside and do my thing. Of course, I check on them, and I am always keeping an ear on the happenings, but mostly they are on their own.  And it's gone really well so far.

Sophie is now big enough to get up the jungle gym and down the slides completely on her own, and steady enough not to seem in eminent danger of toppling off at any point.  And with everyone capable of navigating every wonder our backyard has to offer, I am off the hook in terms of constant observation.  I am still required quite a bit for fetching and carrying various toys out of the storage shed, but in general they fend for themselves.

And sure, I could just sit outside and read while they play, but I've tired that, and if I'm there, they won't leave me alone.  it's like they don't care what I'm doing unless they can actually SEE me engaged in some activity I enjoy - then I must be interrupted and asked for snacks or sent on errands every 40 seconds.  Besides, everything goes much more smoothly when I'm inside anyway.  When I'm not there, they solve their own disputes.  They take turns on the stuff everybody wants to play with - well, in general they do.  Sophie still has some learning to do about not being all Supreme Ruler of the Universe and getting her way all the time.  But she is actually really good about sharing - as long as she gets to go first, and Jack and Izzy are pretty good about letting her have whatever she wants knowing that she'll give it back within a few minutes.

I know it probably seems poor parenting to allow 2, 3 and 5 year olds to play outside alone.  But I'm really only about ten feet into the house, and Isabelle is such a great responsible older sister that I feel comfortable with her out there (yesterday she was pushing jack and Sophie on the swings - so cute).  And let's face it - I want them to play outside as long as they want to be out there.  And someday I hope to get some garden type things going around the yard - flowers and bushes and such, so I will have something to do out there so i don't get so bored.  But right now, if I'm out there, we are only going to play as long as I want to be out there - which is not very long.  This way they get fresh air and exercise and I get to not be miserable.  Win-win.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, you know how some days you feel like it's a Tuesday or whatever when it's really a Thursday, and it's a weird feeling, but not really all that important other than to make you stop and notice "hey - why do different days have feelings?" before you go on about your business?  Totally normal, some version of deja vu or whatever (sidenote: the lesser known jamais vu means to experience a familiar event as if it was the first time.  And now you know).

But try doing it for over a week.

It all started last week on Friday when for whatever reason, I was completely convinced it was Monday.  But instead of going away the next morning, this off kilter mental calendar has persisted, with each subsequent day following in (albeit completely wrong) order.  Or close enough.  Monday I thought it was Wednesday, and I was totally helped along with that because there was no school Friday, so Wednesday school was letting out for the whole weekend. Thursday we were at the gym and I was late getting my kids from the daycare center because I was convinced it was Saturday and they close at 1pm on Saturday rather than the noon on weekdays.  And by Thursday night I had moved on to Sunday and I came thisclose to putting out the garbage.  Then last night I was all ready to watch House and my Monday night shows, which weren't on of course, because it was FRIDAY night.  And so naturally, today I've moved on to Tuesday.  Adding to my total confusion is the fact that I know tomorrow is Sunday, and Brett usually comes home on Sunday, but this week he left on Friday, and won't be home til NEXT Friday, which of course I feel is in like three days because I think today is Tuseday.

Can you see why I'm kind of going crazy?  You can add in that sometimes the morning and afternoons seem like completely different days (did I really go to the store this morning? or was that yesterday?), and I am so lost I don't know if I can ever get back on track.  I think I'm going to pin my address and husband's phone number to my shirt in case I wander off.

Also, why DO days have feelings?  I haven't had a day different from any other since 2007

Friday, April 1, 2011


Just now as I sat down to write a post about what I had no idea, Izzy called me down into the basement.  "mom!  You've GOT to come down here!"  She shouted.  "Why?" I asked - I certainly wasn't getting up for no reason.  "It's a surprise!"

Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good.

Fortunately, the big "surprise was only (more) crayon all over a wooden toy downstairs.  Apparently I'd missed it when I was cleaning up the table and chair and fireplace that got scribbled all over yesterday in vibrant purple crayon.  Sophie has definite ideas about her art, and the suitable surfaces for it.  Either that or she thinks our house needs a more ghetto fabulous decor style and she's trying to graffiti it up.  Regardless, I thought it was fairly amusing that Izzy called me down for a surprise that turned out to just be a big mess made by her sister.  Even better, was while I wiped it up she told me "that was the worst surprise ever."  So clearly, she understood it was bad news, but still felt the need to present it in a snazzy manner.  Way to break it to me gently kid.

Speaking of surprises... you should really check out today's daily photo.