Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The FOUR-1-1

So.  Yep.

this shit's real, yo

Kind of insane, right?

As much as I've wanted another baby, and swoon over every little baby I see, and wonder when my kids got to be so huge and grown up, I was really not expecting to ever again be expecting.  But we were operating under an "if it's meant to be it will happen" mentality, so here we are.


I kind of don't remember how to be pregnant anymore.  I definitely don't remember all the baby stuff anymore, which is weird because it really doesn't seem like that long ago I had babies, but time kind of shuffles away from you and here we are almost three years after the last time I was pregnant.  According to I'm due June 22nd*, which means Sophie will be 3 1/2 when this baby is born.  For comparison, this is 7 months older than Izzy was when Sophie was born.  Crazy.

So far, other than the emotional shock and excitement and doubt and excitement again, nothing has really changed.  I'm not feeling sick or anything, but I was lucky enough to avoid any significant nausea with any of my other pregnancies, so hopefully that's a trend that will keep up.  I am feeling completely exhausted all the time which is familiar, with the exception that this time I'm just sort of vaguely tired but hardly ever able to actually nap or go to bed early.  It's just this state of constant exhaustion and when I do get sleepy it comes on like I've been drugged, leaving me all floaty and disconnected.  And of course, more forgetful than I even was before, which I might have thought impossible.

I haven't had any constant cravings yet, but the cravings I have gotten come fast and furious and varied - what I want right now is the only thing I can possibly imagine eating and therefore must be fetched immediately, but what I wanted yesterday (or even an hour ago) I can assure you I will not want tomorrow or even 5 minutes from now, making planning ahead for the shopping somewhat of a challenge.  I've been wholeheartedly intending to resume as much of the healthy eating as I can (at least early on - I fully plan on eating the shit out of some junk this pregnancy since this is my last hurrah and after I give birth all insane indulgence just means I'm a pig), but so far all I seem to want to eat is carbs and sugar and big glasses of milk.  So basically everything not on the paleo diet.  And of course I feel totally bloated and gross because I'm eating all this stuff, but the thought of doing those first four days of withdrawal right now is just too much to face.  The good thing is that my appetite has been completely changed by my brief time eating really clean, and so I can't eat nearly as much of what I'm craving as I could have before, so even though I'm giving in to my cravings, I can only eat about half of what I think I can eat, which helps limit the effects of poor food choices (and to be fair, not all my cravings are bad. Last week I ate the same enormous salad every single night because it was all that was appealing.  this week, the thought of that salad completely grosses me out).  The bad side of this is that my cravings are all kind of falling flat - for about a week I was dying for spaghetti with meat sauce, but when I finally got around to making it I didn't really enjoy eating it all that much.  Same goes for some of the sweets I've been dreaming about.  And while I like this in terms of overall, it kind of kills the fun of "I'm pregnant I can eat everything nom nom nom."

So anyway, there we go.  Just about 6 weeks pregnant, and my physical state runs between starving, ate too much, and need to sleep.  It's kind of like being a baby myself.

*I am very excited about this due date because I have always hoped that if we had another baby it would be born on the 22nd of some month.  Jack, Sophie and I are all the 20th of our months, and Brett's birthday and our anniversary both fall on the 29th, but Izzy, with her birthday on the 22nd, stands alone.  Unfortunately, a due date of about the 8th would have been better, because it would mean I could deliver nicely a few weeks early and hit my goal of the 22nd.  A due date of the 22nd means I have to go full term.  Ugh.

ps: Hooray!! Something to blog about!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations #13: Sarah!

And because of the great response, I decided to add in two second runner ups.  So #2 Daisy and #18 Jel will each receive a bottle of Essie Carry On.

Send me your addresses ladies (practicalpablum at gmail dot com) and I'll get your polish in the mail!

Thanks everyone for participating! Stay tuned and I'll try to figure out a new giveaway to do in a few weeks!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fashion Flashback

what I wore this week:


sweater: Beulah
shirt: Gap Body
leggings: Champion
booties: Nicole
hat (which I took off immediately after this photo): Target

10-17-11 (3)

sweater: Old Navy
jean leggings: Target
boots: Hunter


sweater: Goodwill
shirt: Land's End (via thrift store)
jeans: Joe's Jeans
booties: Aldo
sunglasses: Target

10-19-11 (4)

dress: Asos
faux leather jacket: Target
boots: Nine West

10-20-11 (2)

jacket: Goodwill
shirt: Target
jeans: Asos
wedge booties: Kelly & Katie
sunglasses: Target

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Apply Flawless Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

 Ever since I dyed my hair blonde, I have been much more diligent about applying my makeup everyday.  And I've found that even taking the time everyday to really ensure a flawless finish doesn't actually take that much time.

Which means there is no reason you can't do it too.  The steps I take:

1)start with clean, moisturized (and sunscreen!) face.
2) Foundation Primer. This is a silicone product that will help your makeup glide on smoothly without tugging at your skin, as well as prevent foundation and powder from sinking into fine lines and accentuating them. Apply it with your bare hands.
3) Foundation. I prefer liquid foundation applied either with my bare hands or a makeup sponge. Apply to forehead, one cheek, other cheek, starting in the center of your face and moving outward, and blend blend blend!
optional: After you apply your regular foundation, take a foundation in a much darker tone, and apply to the temples, along the hairlines by the ears and under the cheekbones for a little extra definition in the face.  Blend well!!
4) Concealer: Using a concealer brush, apply a creamy concealer all around the eye area to disguise and darkness.  Make an inverted triangle under the eyes from the inner corner, down alongside the nose and connecting to the outer corner.  Seems like a lot, but I promise it will make a huge difference once it is blended in.  I also put the concealer on my eyelids to get a nice even base color.  Blend with makeup sponge or lightly with fingertips. Dab concealer onto any spots or blemishes that need hiding - in general, the best concealer for blemishes will have a thicker consistency than what works under your eyes so you will need different products for each task.
optional: Apply liquid highlighter anywhere you want a little extra glow: under the arches of the brows, along the tops of cheekbones, at the bow of the mouth. Again, blending is your friend.
6) Brush translucent powder all over your face to set your makeup and give a satiny finish.
7) Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks (to find apples, smile into the mirror and put blush on the round parts).  The most natural looking blush will match the color your cheeks get when you've been exercising vigorously or out on the cold.
optional: Swipe a small amount of bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks, and a powder highlighter above the cheekbones to add a little contour to your face.
8) Apply eyeshadow according to the look you are going for.  For a natural, daytime look, use a nude/beige/champagne tone across entire lid, then apply a darker brown/gray/taupe shade on the outer 1/3rd and in the crease of the eyelid.  A bright white shade under the arches of the brows and the inner corners of the eyes will make your eyes pop.
optional: Eyeliner and mascara.
optional: Fill in any thin spots in brows with an eyebrow pencil.  Eyeliner pencils are too soft and greasy, and are more likely to smear or rub off so you want one specifically for brows.  You can also apply clear mascara to keep brows from getting all crazy.
9) Finish with your favorite lipstick, chapstick or lipgloss!

Now, I know this sounds like a lot to do in the mornings, especially when you've got kids and other stuff to worry about.  But I promise, it probably took you longer to read the description that it does to actually apply it all - which is why I made this video PROVING it can all be done in under 10 minutes.

(things to ignore in the video: Izzy playing in the background and calling out "are you done yet?",  my myriad insane facial expressions, and my roots, which are getting fixed next week)

products used in the video:

primer: Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer with SPF 15 and Dermaxyl

foundation: Chanel Teint Innocence in 20 Cameo
foundation (shading): Loreal True Match in n6 Honey Beige

concealer (blemish): Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer in Fair
concealer (under eye): Benefit Erase Paste in #1 Fair

powder: Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
highlighter: Benefit High Beam

blush: Sonia Kashuk Powder Blush in 297 Pink (I think - the label is rubbed off)
contour: Benefit Perfect 10 highlighter/bronzer

eyeshadow palette #1: Dior 5 Couleurs in 030 Incognito
eyeshadow palette #2: Dior 5 Couleurs in609 Earth Reflection

eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye pencil in Corrupt
mascara: Lancome Definicils Pro in Deep Black

lipstick: Loreal Infallible in 510 Mulberry

not pictured:
eyebrow pencil: Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Light Brown/Champagne
nailpolish (just in case you were wondering): Essie Mochacino

this post is not sponsored in anyway.  All products mentioned are my own, and were purchased by me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holding Pattern

So... ever since I posted about getting down to 149 I have been oh so gradually... staying at 149.  It has fluctuated a bit, once I weighed in at 146 and I have never gone higher than 150, but in general I am hovering nicely right at the 148.5 mark.

Not exactly the plan.

Of course, I have also completely abandoned the eating changes I had made, so I guess the real victory is in not gaining any weight back.  It is really amazing to see the instant response of my body if I don't eat as cleanly as I'd like - my midsection just puffs right up with extra water.  But I wouldn't say I have gone back to my old eating habits - my palate has definitely changed to where I still love sweets but I eat normal amounts of them now rather than consuming enough to sink a tanker.  And my appetite has lessened considerably - we went out for dinner on our anniversary and I ate probably half of what I would have eaten on previous occasions, and was still completely stuffed.  So that's a really nice change, although clearly I still have some mental adjustments to make so I don't end up so uncomfortably full.

Whatever.  It's all about making these changes gradually so that they become permanent.  Thinking about never really eating cheese again, or a big bowl of pasta, seems really hard and terrible, but I've found that I don't miss it all that much.  Well, in general I don't miss it that much - I'm sure there are still going to be times when I dig into a giant serving of carbs!  Right now for instance the weather has finally gotten in to full on fall temps (high of 49 today!) and I have been craving a giant bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce for over a week.  So I think I'll treat myself tonight - and wear something loose fitting tomorrow to hide the consequences!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nail Polish Giveaway

We all know how much I love nail polish and painting my finger nails.  Something about having nice glossy nails just makes me feel put together - and the right color can  definitely help an outfit feel complete.  And fall is my favorite time of year (for lots of reasons) because it is the most natural fit for the deep burgundies and purples that are my favorite colors.

So, in light of the fact that I've given you the steps to give yourself the perfect at home manicure, I thought I should also give you the right tools. Hence... a GIVEAWAY!!!!

One lucky reader will win the products pictured below: full size bottles of OPI base coat (1), Seche Vite top coat (2), OPI Bubble Bath (the perfect pale pink)(4), Essie Carry On from the Fall 2011 collection (3).  The first three are fabulous basics anyone should have on hand, and the fourth is one of my current favorites - a deep plummy color that really sums up fall and makes me think of dashing 40's skirt suits with fox fur collars while waiting on a train platform. Or something.

You'll also win a bottle of Duri Drop n Go fast drying drops (5) to set your polish in a flash and eliminate the need to sit around for hours waiting for it to dry!

Nail Polish Giveaway 10/17/11- 10/23/11

To win: simply leave a comment on this blog post. Tell me what your personal favorite nail polish color is ( I have so many - but one all time favorite is OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight. Oh, or Essie Wicked. Or OPI Yoga-ta get This Blue. Ok, I can't pick just one). Or just tell me anything you want, any comment will enter you in the contest.

For additional entries:
- tweet this giveaway (don't forget to @lonek8 your tweet so I see it)
- mention the giveaway on Facebook 9again, just make sure I know about it)

tell your friends, and tweet or comment as many times as you want - no one ever reads this blog anymore so your odds of winning are bound to be good!

I will announce the winner next Monday (10-24-11)- so check back then!

ps: this is NOT a sponsored post. These are just products I really like (purchased with my own money), and I want to share them with my lovely readers. Sure you could go out and buy them yourselves, but isn't it more fun to win?

Entries are now closed for this giveaway.  See results here

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Say What

mom, can you put on your slippers? you're getting foot goober all over the house

Izzy: there are hidden cameras to capture people sneaking around at night.
me: how do you know that?
Izzy: I watch it on tv at night.

Me: I think you guys are funny.
Izzy: thats because we are

my brain is better than yours.  cause it's younger

after I asked her a question: excuse me? can I just have a minute?

when the line of cars for school drop off was really long and she wanted to get out further from the door than normal: I can take it from here mom

Izzy: can I have a banana?
me: no, it will be dinner time soon.
Izzy: well that wasn't very nice or fun.
me: sorry.
Izzy: fine, then I'm never eating one of the bananas again.  (see? told, you)

After pressing her stuffed animal to a banged knee: can I have a pack of ice? kitty isn't working

seeing a neighbor painting his house: we should paint our house!
me: well, that's a lot of work
Izzy: we'll wait until geegee and papa visit and then geegee can do it.

Jack: you're annoying
me: me?
Jack: yeah
Izzy: you're not annoying mom.
Jack: she's not annoying you guys, but she's annoying me

and Sophie's debut on Saturday Say What:

in the car with the windows down: Too windy!!
after I roll the windows up: There you go.

ps: this is my one THOUSANDTH blog post.  Wheeee

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lady Pants

This morning I was getting dressed, accompanied by children naturally, and because I decided to wear leggings, I had to change my undergarments for those designed to avoid pantylines.  Izzy immediately ran and hid so she wouldn't have to bear witness to the apparent horror of my naked business (and yet, still won't just let me get dressed ALONE), and only glanced up once I was properly covered.  At which point she said "oh, you're wearing lady pants."  I thought maybe she was referring to the floral pattern, but in general I was just thinking this was another random Izzyism that I'll never really know what she's talking about and I resumed getting dressed.  Until she exclaimed "this is how I wear lady pants" and I turned to see her giving herself a major wedgie.

So yeah... lady pants = thong.  Good to know.

here's what else I wore this week:

10-8-11 (3)

jeans: Asos
tank: Gap body
vest: TJ Maxx
sunglasses: Target
ballet flats: Madison Harding

10-9-11 (2)

jean leggings: Target
t shirt: MiH jeans
sweater: Missoni for Target
boots: Ebay


dress: Marshalls
sweater: Target
belt: ? (had it for years)
sunglasses: Target
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


dress: Trinity via Ebay
sweater: Target
belt: Forever 21
shoes: Aldo

10-13-11 (2)

skirt: Goodwill
t shirt: Old Navy
sweater: Target
shoes: Toms

a disproportionate amount of my wardrobe comes from Target. Hmmm.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Empty Threats

Izzy (pardon me, Isabelle as she now demands to be called) has developed quite the little attitude over the past few months or so, resulting in back talk and sass whenever she is told to do something she doesn't want to do.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to grasp the concept of proper threat making, and so she just makes things worse for herself (or she would if she actually carried out any of her threats).  If I say no candy for snacks, then she'll say "Fine.  Then I'm not eating any more candy. EVER."

Alrighty then.

If she can't color exactly when she wants to, then she'll threaten me with never coloring again.  Basically no matter what the situation, she gets the retort completely wrong.  Like she lives in opposite land.  Which makes it a wee bit harder to admonish her for the back talk because I find myself so amused by her idea of an ultimatum.  But I'm sure her misunderstanding of the correct consequences can't last forever, so I've got to find a way to nip this little rebellious streak in the bud.

Maybe I should just make her follow through on one of her "threats."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie Time

Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? Check out my latest reviews:

       Reel Steel               Drive          Ides Of March

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jump Start

This blog is dying.  I get less than half of the hits I used to get, probably less than half of the comments (which were never very many to begin with), and I'm at a loss.  I know what needs to be done, I just can't seem to bring myself to do it.  It is not my intention to redesign this blog, but I have been mainly posting fashion related items or movie reviews, because that is all i can work up any energy to write about.  Fact is, my life is pretty boring, and in some ways I'm starting to feel like simply talking about my kids is no longer my place - as they get older their stories are their own, and I would never want to embarrass them or mention anyone from school without permission, etc.  So it starts to get tricky.

For myself, I'm working on things like trying to not be such a fat ass, and eat better and go to the gym and what not, but honestly, no one wants to read about that on a daily basis.  Especially when there has been no improvement *cough cough*.  And of course, constantly blogging about why I'm not blogging is beyond annoying; I just want everyone to know that I'm not unaware of the problem, and I do want to come back to full strength.  I read through my archives and I really like the stuff I've written.  I don't know where all those thoughts went.  My head is just empty space lately - it's like I've narrowed down to intense laser focus on occasion followed by the swoosh of empty air at others.  I can no longer remember anything, my ability to multitask is atrophied, and my inner monologue is all but silenced.

I don't know why.

Perhaps if I just start sitting down at the computer every day and typing out whatever I think of I will wake my brain back up.  Perhaps my skill at blogging was exhausted long ago and I'll eventually have to admit defeat.  But I hope not.  I hope I can give myself a jump start and get back in the game, if for no other reason than because I can't afford to get any stupider than I have already become.  And because I love this blog and all of the people I have met through it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fashion Flashback

So, in an effort to be both less hagtastic, and blog more frequently, I am going to start recapping what I wore during the week. The hope is that this will inspire me to put on a cute outfit more days than not. We'll see how long it lasts.

Maxidress: Tart

10-4-11 (3)crop

tank top: Old Navy
shorts: Asos
sunglasses: Target
wedges: Kelly & Katie

10-5-11 crop

sweater: Goodwill
skirt: Goodwill
tank top: Target
boots: Nicole

10-7-11 crop

sweater: Target (years ago)
shirt: Goodwill
leggings: Champion via Target
boots: Frye

Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Style Grown Out Bangs

Over the past two years I have had bangs both willingly, and involuntarily thrust upon me by an awful haircut.  Add that to thirty years of cutting my hair despite wanting it long, and I have a wee bit of experience dealing with in-between length, hard to manage hairstyles.

What I don't have is much skill styling hair.

So, by popular demand (heh), here are a few suggestions I have for ways to pull back your hair as you grow it out.

what you need:

Bobby pins, barrettes, clear elastics, a brush, and hair.
Center/Off center part:

Super easy, let your hair part wherever it likes to and just pin a small section on each side.  best options for this style are bobby pins or small barrettes.  unless you are twelve, you want to keep your hair accessories as low key as possible - or at least, I do.

Barrettes are the easiest and fastest to put in,

but bobby pins are a little less obvious because they are smaller

and easy to brush a section of hair over to hide them.

If you find that the bobby pins slip out too easily (I do because I have such luscious, silken hair), then simply cross one pin over another to form an X - this keeps them locked in tight.

Another option is to braid each section, and fasten with some clear elastics.  A little flower child maybe, but I like it

Deep center part:

Basically, you can do all the things I already showed just with a deeper center part.  Other options are to take a larger section of hair and pull it back and to the side - fastening with bobby pins or barrettes.  Fast, easy, reasonably put together.

If you are feeling fancy (and nimble fingered) you can also french braid the front section of your hair along the hairline, tying the end with a clear elastic and pinning it behind your ear under the rest of your hair.  I am a lousy french braider or I would wear this all the time.

No Part:

for pulling your hair straight back, there is always the head band option - which I have used my fair share of when growing out bangs.  In general, I kind of find headbands to be uncomfortable, and they always get in the way of my sunglasses, but they are certainly useful especially with a ponytail for keeping my hair out of my face when working out.

If I'm going to pull my hair straight back

I take a small section from the front, pull it back and give it a half twist,

then secure with (as always) a barrette or the bobby pin X.

if you want to pull more hair back,

you can take all the hair above your ears and either braid it at the back of your head,

or just use a clear elastic.

Another helpful tip:

I like to have a selection of bobby pins, barrettes and hair elastics (for me and the kids) in my purse in case any hairstyle related changes must be made while out and about, but I hate having them randomly floating around in my purse.  Enter the tiny altoids tin:

perfectly sized to fit all things hair related, it keeps them contained and convenient.

Okay, that's all I got. Happy Hairstyling!

Sunday, October 2, 2011