Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back In The Zone

So, I have decided that my 'new habit' goal for February will be to get back into exercising regularly.  I've basically spent the past three years going to the gym 3-5 times a week, but since I got pregnant I have been... twice.  So I really need to change that.  However, I've also noticed that since I stopped going to the gym I haven't woken up with scorching back pain even once. So..... clearly continuing to hit the elliptical is not the best option (although, hello movie room - I'm not giving that up altogether!).

Anyway, part of the reason I joined this gym (aside from the movie room, the super price we got and the fact that it is right by my house) was that it had morning yoga classes three times a week.  Yoga is my favorite, and I would happily trade in my gym membership for a pass to a yoga studio - except that yoga studios don't have childcare.  So last year when I started my membership I was hitting the yoga hard - I made at least two classes a week, and more often all three, and I felt great.  I was calmer, my practice really improved, it was wonderful.  Then they cut the Thursday class.  And then I got a deal on some training sessions, but I could only go during the Tuesday class.  And Saturdays, well, I just couldn't be motivated to go to the gym on Saturdays, or the kids refused to go with me and I couldn't muster the energy to force the into it and it all fell by the wayside.  Basically I stopped going all together - I haven't been to yoga in months.  But a few days ago I was checking the gym class schedule online and I noticed that they have added the Thursday class back in, and as I was deciding February was the perfect time to refocus on my physical fitness, it seemed like a sign.

So today I returned to yoga class.  I was a little shaky, and there were some interesting 'I'm bent over and my breakfast wants to heed gravity's call' moments, but in general it was great.  I lucked in to a fairly easy class - we were focusing on back bends and hip stretching which plays nicely in to my natural flexibility, rather than a million chaturangas which would have sorely taxed my atrophied arm muscles, and at the end I felt good without being exhausted.

Ican't wait to go back on Thursday.


sarah said...

I re-started the couch 2 5k program, but I'm moving pretty slowly. I do love my couch so....

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