Happy 2012

Happy New Year!  I still can’t believe that it is 2012, but then again, I can hardly believe that Sophie is going to be 3 in a few weeks, or that Izzy will turn 6 in March, or that there is going to be ANOTHER baby in this house, or that I’m a mom in charge of actual people at all (and 34? Blerg), so really that’s not all that surprising.

For most of December I was really hoping to come up with some sort of “challenge” to do this year – something I had to do every day, or a specific goal that I could try and achieve rather than the usual just be healthier/ thinner/ more organized brouhaha.  I wanted it to be hard enough that it would count as an achievement (and impress all you people), but of course not so hard that I would fail at it.  But all I failed at was thinking of what I could do, so that’s that.  As a result, I haven’t really made any resolutions this year.  Last year I made a whole list, and looking it over I see that some I achieved, and many I did not.  I did briefly manage to master the full transition from chaturanga to up dog to down dog without ever touching anything to the floor (although I’m sure I’ve lost that strength by now since I haven’t done yoga in months). I did not manage to read 80 books (although i made it to 71 – 5 of which I read between Christmas and NYE).  And many some goals I didn’t achieve because I just lost interest in them.   So in general I don’t feel like I failed or quit on any of my resolutions, but instead just like my interests changed or that my best efforts didn’t quite measure up.  I’ve left them on my list in as something I can continue to work towards.

Basically, this year I want to be better.  A better person, a better mother, a better dresser, a better blogger.  I’m going to try and return to the halcyon days when I blogged here almost every weekday, but I don’t promise those posts will be interesting!  I also need to be a better housekeeper, which I’ve been REALLY slacking on the past couple of months, and which I am totally using the excuse of being so sick and tired to justify.  But the house is just gross right now, so I’ve got to whip it in to shape and then work out some sort of routine to keep it that way.  Yesterday I totally cleaned the playroom and vacuumed the living room, so that is a start.  I even sorted through the kids’ books and picked out all the stupid/annoying/ripped books out for trash/ donations, and at some point I’ll get down there and go through the rest of the toys – a purge is WAY overdue!

I think my approach is going to be one of monthly deadlines – for January I want to get the house really clean and have a weekly routing in place.  For February my goal will be to finish purging the kids’ toys (rooms and playroom) and if possible reorganize the playroom a little better.  I say if possible because we have some large things down there now that are in the way of the shelves I’d like to put in, things that aren’t ever played with anymore, but would no doubt lead to crying if they disappeared, so the shelves might not happen for a while longer.  I haven’t really set any specific goals for any further months yet – as projects come to mind I’ll add them in.  I certainly need to go through my own clothes and all the closets again, but this summer will be a good time for that when maternity clothes are done with and I can get rid of all one gender baby clothes.  We aren’t going to find out the sex of this baby, so for now we have to keep everything for boy and girl.

I can’t decide if I want to get a planner for this year or not.  I primarily use the calendar function on my phone for all appointments and birthdays, but I rarely use it for tasks or to do lists so it might be nice to have something separate for that because those kinds of things I like hand writing.  It is just hard to tell if I want one because I will actually use it, or just because I have a complete love of planners in general and desperately want one.  It probably isn’t that crucial an argument since the one I would buy only costs a couple of dollars.  We’ll see.

As for fitness goals, I have found that nothing does as much to inspire my desire to adopt some sort of fanatical workout program quite like being pregnant and unable to.  When I was pregnant with Sophie I became totally obsessed with the idea of doing a triathlon, and I researched all sorts of training programs and even spent hours preparing a training notebook to chart my progress.  And then I did it for like three days, because I completely suck at swimming and pretty much hate riding a bike.  Oh well.  This time I would like to try kick-boxing or mixed martial arts, because I have always wanted to be a bad-ass who could take care of herself.  I also want to rediscover some of the toughness I used to have when I did gymnastics on floors with no padding, or was willing to throw myself across a wooden dance floor over and over and over again regardless of bruising or injury.  In high school I was actually asked if I needed to speak to a counselor by a concerned girl who saw the bruises that covered half my back and thought I was being abused.  And now I’m such a weenie.  So I’d like to ignite a bit of that fire in myself again, but we’ll see if that actually happens, because while I’d really love to be all hardcore kick boxing chick, I don’t really want to get kicked or hit by anyone.

I’d like to be about 90% paleo by the end of the year, although for right now I’m eating whatever I want in the dairy/grains/ carbs/ sugar categories because I can.  I’d like to cook more for my children, both in frequency and in diversity, and in order to do that I’ll need to get better at advance meal planning so I’m not continually left at 5:30pm with no idea what to cook and end up plopping the same pasta, hotdogs or chicken nuggets on their plates.  I also hope to make my own baby food, although that is probably a resolution for 2013, since the baby will still only be 6 months old next New Year.  I’m also going to attempt a vegetable garden, although I recently realized that will entail doing all the plowing/ tilling/ planting etc at nine months pregnant, not to mention I am notoriously terrible at gardening (or even remembering to garden).  But it is something I’d like to try nonetheless.

I guess that’s all I have planned for this year – basically a series of projects to be determined and then completed throughout the year.  All of which will hopefully serve to make me a better person, with a healthier, more organized, life style.  projects completed = laziness defeated.  That shall be the theme of 2012.

I’m assuming all plans will go to hell right around June when a new little person makes their presence known.


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  1. sarah says:

    great goals! And I agree, I am SO about the planning and researching, but implementing? Meh. That’s why I’ve been on pintrest less and less lately–its totally enabling me to think big and act….zero. LOL

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