Nineteen Weeks

I keep waiting and waiting for my belly to pop out, but so far no dice.  Here’s a picture from 13 weeks:

13 weeks 4 days
oh, and what a flattering photo it is.  Yikes!

And here is today:

BeFunky Original on Android

I feel like I was bigger a few weeks ago than i am now – apparently I was just really bloated before and now I’m not? Which is pretty weird considering all I eat lately is carbs and I’m putting weight on pretty steadily.  I guess it’s just all going to my rear view – awesome.

I also STILL haven’t felt any movement*, although I’ve heard the heartbeat again nice and strong.  On Monday the 6th I’m getting the big sonogram, so we’ll have visual proof there is actually a baby in there – because I’m starting to have my doubts.  Aside from the positive pregnancy tests and copious vomiting a few months ago, I totally understand the women on “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” now, LOL.

Anyway, I’m at that super fun stage where I don’t at all look pregnant (unless you know), but I definitely don’t have a waist at all anymore, so I just look fat and lumpy.  So attractive.  Makes putting together cute outfits SO much less appealing because I just can’t rock them the way I want.  I’ll be glad when I finally get that nice round belly going and I can flaunt it a little instead of just looking like I had a big lunch.  Regardless, here are a few things I’ve worn recently:

1-5-12 (2)

jacket: Target
tshirt: Target (says “don’t let go of your dreams’ in case you were wondering)
jeans: American Eagle
moccasins: Steve Madden (and yes, they’re leopard)
bag: Ellington Mia
sunglasses: Target

1-9-12 (3)

sweater: TJ Maxx
leggings: Isabella Oliver
shirt: no clue
boots: Dolce Vita

looking at my thighs in this picture, I think I see where those bagels are going

jeans: Asos
sweater: Target
tshirt: Urban Outfitters
booties: Aldo

Not great, but they do all involve real pants, so that’s something.  Well, two out of three anyway.  I will say that on top of looking thicker than usual, the weather is also playing a big role in my not choosing outfits.  Who wants to wear something cute only to cover it up with a giant coat?  And the pictures in my room just don’t turn out well at all.  I might just need to suck it up and freeze to take a few quick pics outside each day. At least until spring arrives!

*UPDATE 3pm: Finally felt some nice big kicks!  There’s really something in there!


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  1. Tera says:

    I wandered to your blog from another one a few months ago and figured I’d comment and say I love all the cute outfits in this post!

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