As you may or may not know, I spent the past week in Hawaii.  KID FREE in Hawaii.  Pretty awesome.  Brett had the first two days I was there off from work, and while we didn’t do anything the first day given the fact that I was despondent over leaving my kids and just wanted to go home (note to all: 5 months pregnant, hormones raging, is not the best time to leave your kids for essentially the first time ever).  But that second day we lived it up: whale watching, a drive around the island, great food – so much fun!

Some pictures we took:

2-9-12 (2)

2-9-12 (2)

2-9-12 (4)

2-10-12 (1)

2-10-12 (3)

2-10-12 (1)

2-10-12 (2)

2-10-12 (6)

world famous Giovannis shrimp truck

2-10-12 (8)
shrimp scampi from Giovannis – delish!!

2-10-12 (10)

2-10-12 (11)

2-10-12 (3)

2-10-12 (5)

2-10-12 (16)

2-10-12 (19)

2-10-12 (20)

2-10-12 (13)
Hawaii has the coolest trees

2-10-12 (21)

2-10-12 (29)

2-10-12 (24)

The rest of the trip I was by myself while Brett worked, so I took full advantage of my alone time to read a book a day and just vegetate.  Not exciting, but so relaxing.

2-11-12 Makes You Happy
taro frozen yogurt with fresh fruit – I ate this everyday


All in all a great success – I had just enough relaxation time, the kids had a great time with both grandmas, and everything went smoothly and easily. I could get used to this vacation thing.


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    Looks like such a beautiful place – and you look fantastic! I’m glad you had a good time! How could you not, though?!

  2. sarah says:

    Wonderful pictures! So glad you had a good time!!! I love Hawaii.

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