Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friends Photo Challenge

I know, you're probably thinking "Oh God, not another photo challenge," but when my friend( and kindred spirit shoe lover) Undomestic Diva posted a Friends themed challenge, how could I say no?  I promise I won't clutter up my entire blog with daily postings this time - I'm doing this challenge solely with my cell phone (which is NOT an iphone so forgive the low res pics) so I'll just try and do a weekly wrap up.  To kick it off:

#1 - the one with all the coffee

I found some premixed iced coffee in the dairy section at the grocery store that for some reason I just had to try, and I am completely in love. Of course, it totally has caffeine in it so I can't have very much and I'm up til all hours of the night (not that I wasn't anyway), but it is so delicious that I just don't care. I am such a rebel.

ps: follow along with the photo challenge (or join in!) on Twitter - hashtag #FRIENDSpc

pps: I'm also keeping up with my daily photo blog - I have monthly cues all ready to keep me busy.  Check it out here

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sarah said...

So that's what all the "The One With...." I've been seeing on twitter is about. What a cute idea! love this pic!