24 Weeks

Here we are, 24 weeks of pregnancy down.


If you go by a month = 4 weeks, I’m 6 months pregnant. If you go by calendar month, then I’m 5. Either way, I’m almost through the second trimester, and let me tell you, the third is going to be fun. I’m already WAY more uncomfortable than I should be considering my size – basically by 7pm the only thing I am capable of doing is lying prone on the couch, propped up by various pillows. I’ve been doing yoga fairly regularly, and while my flexibility is still there, I’m getting quite ungainly in the transitions and my practice involves a lot of really attractive squatting maneuvers.

I other news, I’m also having a hard time putting together outfits I like, because the silhouette I’m “into” this season is very streamlined and highlights the waist, which isn’t exactly pregnancy friendly. And of course, it is still cold, so my endless supply of maxi dresses have yet to be put in to rotation. So it’s pretty much yoga pants and leggings up in here, and if I don’t find a few more shirts long enough to thoroughly cover my rear end, the leggings are going to be out of commission soon too. But I’m going to keep trying to look cute – at least once or twice a week, lol.

A few of the things I’ve worn recently:


jacket: Goodwill
shirt: TJ Maxx
leggings: Isabella Oliver
boots: Steve Madden
scarf: Target

2-21-12 (1)

sweater: Target
dress: French Connection
leggings: Isabella Oliver
booties: Nicole
purse: Coach

2-24-12 (1)

coat: Kenneth Cole (and 10 years old)
shirt: Target
jeans: Isabella Oliver
booties: Nicole
purse: Coach


sweater: TJ Maxx
tank top: Asos
jeans: Asos (not maternity – I use an elastic extender I made myself)
booties: Aldo

ps: don’t study my legs too closely because it would seem my knees have gotten really fat.

pps: I’m not blonde anymore.  But chances are good I will be again, because I’m not loving the dark hair.


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