26 weeks

Guys, I am SO much more uncomfortable than I should be at this size. I mean, for 6 months, I think I’m really on the smaller side:

I definitely expected to be more of a whale at this point, given that this is my 4th baby. I mean, I have gained 20 pounds already (which isn’t too shabby), but I’m not too worried about it because a) like I have a choice, and b) all of my pre-pregnancy jeans still fit (with the single exception of the button) so the weight really seems pretty limited to my stomach which is unavoidable.

But, oh my god, I can barely move anymore.

I am a very flexible person. I can do the splits every which way, and when not swollen up in the middle like a beach ball I can easily touch my nose to my knees. And aside from the general unpleasantness of it, I never once had a problem in any of my previous pregnancies putting my shoes on, or doing any other kind of bending activity. This time: I can barely reach my feet. And normally I’d think “yay, it’s warm out I can wear sandals and not have to mess with real shoes” but I’m learning that all of my sandals involve a fair amount of buckles or ties, whereas in winter I pretty much wear my UGGs or my tennis shoes, which I never lace up. Do you know how big of an incompetent I feel like always asking my husband to tie or untie my shoes? Super idiot.

And sometimes I can’t get my jeans off, because they are all really tight in the calf area (apparently I have ginormous ham calves?) and they get wedged up there where they won’t slide down, and if my pants are pulled down to my knees, I can’t reach below them to tug on the calf area, because in order to reach that far I need to I would need to spread them apart further than the pants allow. What a pretty picture I just painted for you, I’m sure.

And it isn’t just bending over, although it’s been fun the few times I’ve dropped something at the store and bent over as far as I can only to find my fingers still inches away from the desired item. Sitting upright is becoming almost intolerable due to back and stomach muscle complaints, and this morning I was treated to some lovely sciatic pains as I attempted to walk with my family (read: a block behind) to the park. And yeah, yeah, i know, this all comes with the pregnancy territory, but c’mon – I have THREE MONTHS LEFT!! I’m still supposed to have another few weeks of relative ease. At this rate I’m going to need a motorized cart. Last night I dreamt I was put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy and that idea is looking better and better.

Anyway – some of the things I struggled to wear this past week:

3-9-12 (2)

shirt: Asos
sweater: no clue – had it for at least 15 years
jeans: Asos (non maternity – I hook them with an elastic extender I made)
shoes: farylrobin
purse: Coach

3-6-12 (1)

dress: design history
shoes: Toms

3-8-12 (1)

shirt: Old Navy meternity
faux leather jacket: Target
jeans: Isabella Oliver
shoes: Steve Madden

I actually think I wore a few other cute outfits, but I didn’t photograph them.  Which is good because it means I can just wear them this week without having to think of new ones and no one will know.  And I better wear them if I want to, because I think I’m going to be all muumuus all the time here pretty soon.


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