Friday, March 30, 2012

28 weeks

I look oddly smaller in this photo than I have been lately.  huh

This was the week (inevitable in any pregnancy) when it all suddenly seemed to have gone by SO FAST, and holy shit, in 10 or 12 weeks I'm going to actually have A BABY - how is that even possible?!?! Fortunately, unlike every other pregnancy, my OMG is less what have I done? everything was perfect before' and more 'squee, tiny squishy baby!!' So that's good.

It's just so surreal to move from a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling like I was way to big for not being that far along, to now, where I'm realizing that I'm actually almost done with this (and all) pregnancy. Of course, now is when we get to the "fun" part, so I am fully confident that it is only a matter of weeks before I feel like I've been pregnant for my entire life and can no longer even imagine a day when I'm no longer pregnant. And then of course will come the inevitable realization that this is the very LAST time I'll ever do this, which will be pretty weird as well.

So lots of great emotional ups and downs coming up!

Here's what I wore this past week (apparently everything I own is striped?)

3-24-12 (3)

vest: TJ Maxx
dress: Asos maternity
flipflops: Havianas

3-28-12 (2)

dress: Old Navy maternity
shoes: zigiSoho

3-29-12 (2)

t-shirt: ?? maybe TJ Maxx?
tank: Pea in the Pod
jeans: Seraphina maternity
wedges: 80%20

3-30-12 (2)

skirt/ tank/ sweater: I'm pretty sure everything in this photo is from Target (like 90% of my wardrobe)
sandals: Steve Madden (and they are my absolute FAVORITES)

The weather forecast (which has been impressively wrong all week) is for cooler temps coming up, so hopefully I can get in a few of my cute cooler temp outfits in before we get back into heat and I go all maxi dress all the time.  Of course, the odds of me remembering the outfits I had planned out a few months ago are not very high.

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