Life Well Lived: Spring Cleaning

If you know me at all, you know I’m not big on cleaning much.  And I definitely don’t do any big overhaul for Spring (or any other season).  What gets cleaned, gets cleaned and that better be good enough for anyone at my house.

But the one unavoidable task when the seasons change (and you have kids) is cleaning out the clothes.  When the weather starts getting warm, it is time to break out the summer gear, pack away the winter clothes, and take inventory of everything that needs to be bought to ensure a full wardrobe.  And with three kids, that can mean A LOT of clothes to sort.  So being as I am an essentially lazy person, I try to make this big job as easy as possible.  In each kids’ closet I have a big tupperware storage container, and every time I do laundry and see soemthing ripped or just too small or they pull something out that doesn’t fit anymore, it gets tossed in the bucket.  Then, all I have to do when the season changes is sort those few buckets.  Anything torn or stained gest tossed, items that won’t serve as hand me downs (isn’t it weird how kids can just have a different style and something don’t seem to suit them like it did their sibling?) get donated, and the rest gets moved to full time storage (if there is still need for growth) or into the proper kid’s room if it will fit now.  Easy Peasy.

it doesn’t take that long, and it doesn’t spare me from the sight of how they have been “folding and putting away” their own clothes the past few months, but it does make the job go a little quicker.  So I can get on to other things, like not cleaning the rest of the house and deepening my ass dent in the couch.

For more spring cleaning tips (in 10 min or less, hey!), check out BlogHer Life Well Lived.

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2 Responses to Life Well Lived: Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi!

    Nice to meet you through Life Well Lived! I also did this “LWL” post this week — it was a fun topic. I love your tips– especially keeping up with your adorable children’s wardrobes.I’m going to pass this tip on to my duaghter-in-law who has two little boys.

    I really appreciated reading Alicia’s 10 minute Spring Cleaning tips on BlogHer as I need to organize myself in small intervals this season as I have a lot going on at my house this year. My biggest chore is the wardrobe switch, too, as we have small closets in my city sized house. Wish I could figure out a way to do that in only 10 minutes! 🙂

  2. Pinkie says:

    Great tip. I’ve started doing something similar in my daughter’s closet. I’ve started consigning her clothes in a local sale and when I see something she can’t use anymore, I go ahead and dump it in a plastic tote so I can get it ready for the sale.

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