32 Weeks

Well, we’ve made it past the first “goal” the perinatologist gave me – if the baby is born now we shouldn’t have to worry about any long term or permanent damage.  So yay! Other than that, this week has been nothing but complete crap, as the universe has seen fit to hobble me with all manner of miserable ailments on top of the general physical discomfort of being 8 months pregnant.  I’ve had a head cold for the entire week, and the resultant coughing I’m pretty sure has torn a muscle in my abdominals.  The constant peeing after sneezing and coughing was humiliating enough, but the searing pain any time I cough or blow my nose (and sometimes even just walking) is torture.  It’s even tender to the touch, and aside from disliking the pain, I’m getting a little concerned about how much damage is going to be done by the time I finally give birth and the stress is taken off those muscles.  Also, Robitussin is completely disgusting and only somewhat effective.

The baby is moving a lot, squirming and writhing around in there, and I am visibly bigger than just last week.  I’ve had a few contractions, but never anything close together or regular, so just your normal run of the mill contractions I guess, although since my cervix has been changing so drastically, maybe run of the mill isn’t quite the right description.  I wonder how thin my cervix is at this point, but I don’t go back to the doctor for another week, and obviously I’m not equipped with my own at home trans-vaginal ultrasound so that question will probably go unanswered.  Makes coughing just that much more exciting though, since I never know if my water is going to break.

I know this entry isn’t very exciting, and it’s probably a bit heavy on TMI, but seriously, my physical condition is all I can think about.  Late pregnancy is such a fun time anyway, and throwing in this devilish cold and an unrelated (but just as delightful) chafing issue has made me very much the unhappy camper.  This is my very last time going through all this pregnancy stuff – is it that much to ask that it not be total hell?  No, peeing constantly and getting up five times a night and being unable to reach my toes are not exactly fun sensations, but I’d still like to savor the experience along with every last little kick and wiggle because this is my last chance.  The feeling of my stomach muscles ripping because I can’t stop coughing is ruining that and making me very cranky.

Ok. Done whining now.  C’mon 34 weeks!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “…savor the experience along with every last little kick and wiggle because this is my last change” really tugged at my heart Kate. You can feel all of this now but soon it will be in your memory…and it’s such a precious memory! A family of six is wonderful and a true blessing! Soak it up!
    Closing my eyes and remembering…Julie Combest

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