It’s About To Get Crazy

So, you may or may not know that I’m set to have a baby here at some point (ha), but what you don’t know is that the chaos that will no doubt descend upon us as a result of this fourth child, is going to be even crazier than anticipated.  There has been a big reorganization at Brett’s work, which has resulted in his schedule getting about a gazillion times busier, starting this month.  Right now he is scheduled to be out of town from May 3rd to the 15th, with only one day home.  And while he should be home for the rest of May, he has numerous commitments online and in the office so he won’t be available to help me.  You know, if I go in to labor, lol.  It will be interesting to see how much time he will get to take off once the baby is actually here. If any.

He is also going to be playing golf in some sort of work league, too, because why not continue to add obligations outside the house?  This may or may not be on a weekly basis because the team rotates, but I can almost guarantee the timing will be extremely inconvenient because that how it worked out last year.  It’s so helpful when he gets home from being out of town and immediately has to go play golf. 

And of course, his work schedule is only going to continue like this,or get even busier,  so I’ll be adjusting to life with three kids and a newborn (OMG, I haven’t had a baby in a really long time!) basically all on my own.  Which is great for my inner control freak because I LOVE me a routine and tight schedule and doing everything MY way, but man oh man I sure hope this baby is cooperative.

At least I won’t have school drop offs and pick ups to deal with while I’m getting my feet under me – school ends in three weeks around here!  So insane.  I can’t believe I’m going to have a first grader in a month.  And a four year old.  And a three year old.

And a baby.

*deep breath*


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  1. gellybelly says:

    Yeah, good luck with that! Whew! Makes me exhausted just thinking about it, but you know we’ve got your back if you need us (me actually!)

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