Thursday, May 31, 2012

BlogHer Book Club: The First Husband

The First Husband by Laura Dave is a fast read, reasonably enjoyable, but chick lit at its thinnest.  A story about a woman who suddenly gets dumped by her long time boyfriend, and then immediately falls in love with and marries a new man, it could have been really fun.  I mean, ranomly marrying someone you barely know, and then picking up and moving cross country from LA to a tiny town on the East Coast is ripe with opportunities for culture shock humor.  But instead the author makes the main character so wishy washy and set on feeling sorry for herself that there were many times I wished I could just punch her in the face (the character, not the author).  You can only hope for a happy outcome for a character that mopes around bemoaning her horrible life without actually doing anything about it for so long, you know?

I won't say I didn't like the book, but I will say that by the requisite "aha" moment when the protagonist finally gets her act together and decides to actually take charge of her own happiness it was hard feeling like she deserved it.  This book would make a fabulous afternoon read by the pool, but it certainly isn't on the must read list.

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