Monday, May 7, 2012

Life Well Lived: Dressing The Bump

This week's Life Well Lived topic revolves around how we each choose to dress to best flatter our individual shapes.  When I first saw the question, I have to admit I laughed a bit - as much as I love fashion and clothes, I'm hardly in a position to be giving much advice on flattering fit right now!  But then I realized that while my current shape may be short lived (at least I hope so!), it is one of the most difficult to dress.  Nothing like the extreme discomfort of late pregnancy to make you want to throw your hands up in surrender and just waddle around wearing giant t-shirts and sweat pants, am I right?  But we all know that looking good typically leads to feeling good, so let me give you the only piece of advice you will ever need for looking good during pregnancy:

Form fitting is figure flattering.

Now I know, when you are thirty pounds overweight (and still gaining) wearing something that hugs your curves is probably the last thing you want to do.  But resist, resist, resist the urge to tent yourself in giant blousy tops because while you may feel comfortable, instead of looking charmingly pregnant, you will just look fat.  Probably not what you were aiming for, right?  This does not mean you have to wear anything tight - just make sure your top lays along the contours of your newly rotund body.

And this tip goes for all trimesters - early on, you want to show off that tiny bump so people don't just think you've been slacking on your diet or workout routine.  And later on, even though you might feel it is beyond obvious that you are incubating a human and not just sporting a beer keg under your shirt, it is still nice to flaunt that pleasing round shape - nothing makes me feel better about myself when I'm miserably waddling through the store than to see all the the smiles I get when people spot my belly.  I may feel fat and lumpy and be unable to tie my own shoes, but at least strangers think I look cute!

How do you best dress YOUR shape?  Go to to share your tips.  And don't forget to enter the Life Well Lived sweepstakes!

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