Not-So-Beauty Sleep

In atypical late pregnancy fashion, I am sleeping just fine.  I’ve got a home made pillow nest that leaves me very comfortable, and while I get up every two hours to pee, I’m up and back in bed and back asleep really quickly, so I don’t feel like I’m really losing lack of rest or anything. But there is one little issue that is starting to interrupt my trips to dream land: for some reason I seem to keep folding/ bending/ squashing my ears while I sleep, which is most unpleasant.

I have no idea if I’m somehow doing something differently while I sleep, like moving my head backwards while it is still pressed into the pillow thus folding my ears, or if this is related to the hormone (relaxin?) that occurs during pregnancy to soften cartilage and allow the pubic bone to stretch to accommodate a baby.  Like, maybe the cartilage in my ears is softening so they fold more easily which is why they keep getting bent and squished and waking me up with their tiny bleats of pain?  I keep having to switch sides as I sleep (an extremely graceful and elegant process in my current condition) because my ear starts hurting.  It is super weird.

Sleeping solely on one side or the other has also helped me to notice the delightful effects of age on my decolletage.  Gravity + heavy pregnant boobs is giving me terrible cleavage wrinkles every morning when I wake up.  And while this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, it is taking longer and longer every morning before they go away.  My chest is the only area on my body that really shows any kind of reaction to the sun (despite always applying sunscreen there, even when I don’t wear it anywhere else), or sun damage at all (I’m assuming because I primarily wear scoop/ v-neck shirts so it’s always exposed), and clearly time is taking it’s toll.  I have pretty decent young skin on my face- no crows feet or anything yet aside from some very deep expression lines across my forehead that I’ve had for years because apparently I’m incredulous a lot or just look that way, but my chest doesn’t seem to be fighting the good fight in the same manner.

So while I may be getting the rest I need, between the red smushed ears and the firmly creased boobs, I don’t think you could call it beauty sleep.


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