Summer Time Out

Today is the first official day of summer break, and hopefully it will not be the first day of my mental breakdown because I will never get left alone for the next three months.  Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love Isabelle, but I’m a person who needs a lot of silence and alone time, and she is a person who thrives on social interaction, and hasn’t stopped speaking since 2007.

These types of people do not typically play well together.

I really try my best to engage with her at least a little bit during naptime since she is the only kid awake and SO desperate for attention; we play go fish, I take her to the store with me, and sometimes we do “girl time” and go get pedicures or maybe to the movies.  It’s fun, and I really enjoy that time with her one on one, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there.  If we aren’t going I get asked to go places constantly, or worse, her passive aggressive comments about how she wishes we could go somewhere which drive me crazy.  Other times she just comes upstairs and basically sits there staring at me – also not especially good for my sanity.

It is a terrible feeling to want your kids to just leave you alone, but honestly, at naptime she really just needs to leave me alone!  When I don’t get to have my decompression alone time I get very twitchy and cranky and I start to feel penned up – which are ridiculous reactions I know, but it’s not really something I can help.  I’m an introvert and I need that time away from people with no one talking to me constantly.  Plus, she’ll hang all over me all naptime, and then as soon as Jack gets up she says she wants to be alone and refuses to play with him, which naturally makes him upset and is a whole different type of fun for the rest of the afternoon. Not to mention makes me want to pull my hair out because oh my god, you just had two or three hours to be alone and you wouldn’t!

You might say I’m not exactly looking forward to the next three months.

My plan is to let Jack stop having official naptime as well, and hopefully they will entertain each other reasonably well.  I’m also planning to get them some work books so they can practice reading and writing and whatnot before school starts again, which I will make them do if they insist on coming up out of the basement.  I think I will also suggest they clean the basement anytime they lurk around me waiting for me to entertain them.  If the threat of being forced to clean or do school work doesn’t deter them from my presence, then I don’t know what will.

September cannot get here soon enough.

ps: It’s also hot in the summer.  And I HATE being hot.  So basically I’ staring down the barrel of my least favorite months of the year, now with an extra dose of fun.


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  1. Julia says:

    I totally get it. I use the TV. I’m probably setting her up for years of therapy.

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