Well, That’s New

I had an OB appointment this morning, which I was super excited to bring all three kids to, as I’m sure you can imagine.  But Brett left for NYC this morning, so with me they were coming.  We had a lovely morning playing around the house, and everyone got ready with no fuss or fighting, which was certainly a treat.  And then I squatted down to help Sophie get dressed.

And my water broke.

I tried to convince myself that it might just be pee even though I had just gone to the bathroom, but I knew better.  And when I started to change at the doctor’s office so they could do the ph test to verify if it was indeed amniotic fluid, I was gushing down both legs. 

Question answered.

So now I’m at home, trying to figure out what to pack for the kids who are now coming along with me to the hospital until we can get one grandparent or another in town to watch them.  Needless to say, I’m not at my most focused right now, so I’m pretty sure whatever I pack is going to be a hot mess.

But who cares?



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