Three Weeks


Yup, still like her.

I like the horrific bags under my eyes (not especially evident in this photo, but trust me they’re there) significantly less however.  At the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, I looked really good my whole pregnancy.  I didn’t break out like I did the other times, and my skin was clear and smooth and nice.  Since she’s been born my skin has stayed fairly clear, but the lack of quality sleep is really taking its toll.  Beatrice sleeps like a champ, going two or three hours between feedings with one or two longer breaks thrown in for good measure.  Unfortunately, those long breaks are usually in the middle of the afternoon, and she gets hungry with more frequency overnight.  She will also sleep all day long a silent as can be, and then at night she grunts and snuffles and makes all kinds of noises even when she is still sleeping.  So even though I have been getting sleep, it hasn’t been more than two hours at a stretch without disruption.

And apparently I need more than that not to be a haggard mess.

The past two nights I have moved the bassinet into the nursery when Beatrice decided to be wide awake and kicking in the middle of the night, and just let her wiggle and grunt and do her thing until she fell back asleep.  I couldn’t hear her general noises so I got a longer period of sleep, but I could still hear her if she really started crying and needed me.  I’m not ready to move her out of my room full time obviously, but I’m glad I have this option until she gets her days and nights straightened out a little better and our nighttime feedings get less frequent. I can’t tell you how much better I felt after sleeping four hours straight instead of just two.

It looks like I’m going to have to do a lot more work on my post-pregnancy recovery as well.  Everything went down so quickly at first, but now it seems to have totally stalled out.  I was hoping to get a little bit more spontaneous thinning before I had to start working on not being a fat lump. Bummer.

Oh well.  I’ve been trying to eat a little better the past few days, and if I can get a solid sleep schedule working I can add some of my workout videos into my routine until Bee is old enough to take to the gym.  After nine months of not working out at all, I probably don’t have to tell you I am NOT looking forward to this at all.  But I don’t want to be mushy forever, so I guess it has to be done.


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4 Responses to Three Weeks

  1. Sarah says:

    She’s so sweet!

    9 months later, and I STILL haven’t had an uninterrupted night.

  2. lonek8 says:

    Im not looking for uninterrupted nights, but if we could go to two interruptions instead of four, that would be great.

  3. Found you through the BlogHer ad today!

    Loved reading your birth stories. 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    you look great! I remember that sleeplessness though. Ugh!

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