Baby Bumps

See that book right there?  I KNOW the author.  And not just kind of, I like, know her for real – as in, we’ve met in person (once) and are friends on Facebook.  So clearly, besties.  And while I would of course foist any friend’s book upon the readers of my blog (all 6 of you), in this case I actually want to – because that book right up there?  Is really good!

As in, my email from Barnes and Noble with my receipt of purchase is dated this morning at 8:31am, and I just finished it because I haven’t left the couch since I started.  Well, I have, but only to fix the occasional bottle and then return to reading while feeding the baby.  Good thing I can read one handed thanks to my Nook!

That’s right folks, this an e-book – so you best hop on the techno bandwagon and get yourself some high tech readery because you need to in order to enjoy this book.

The story of a woman, pregnant with her first child and diagnosed with incompetent cervix and irritable uterus and forced onto bedrest early on in pregnancy, Baby Bumps is basically a thinly fictionalized version of the author’s real life experiences, and are written in her singularly hysterical and sarcastic voice (check out her blog for a taste).  As a mother, especially one who so recently toyed with cervical excitement and was nearly put on bed rest myself, this book was especially fun for me to read, although reading it from the exact spot on the couch I spent so much of my time only a few short months ago was sort of reality bending.  I kept thinking I was back in that position, and several times I came close to making my husband get things for me because I wasn’t supposed to get up, and when I did I was almost surprised that I no longer had a ginormous belly.  Hey – this isn’t just a funny book, it’s also a time machine! Bonus!

Anyway, the book is super funny, super engaging, and super informative in case you haven’t already had the delightful mysteries of pregnancy and childbirth solved.  A must read for any mothers, moms-to-be, or people just looking for a laugh.  So go buy it and read it!

Seriously.  What are you still doing here?  GO!


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