Go Go Gadget

The kids have recently gotten very in to the iPod apps and games, and because I am a lazy parent busy with the baby and prefer need the kiddos to leave me alone (and it’s a jillion degrees so sending them outside for very long is almost abusive),I have been letting them play all they want.  And because I am also quite selfish and they were getting my iPod all grimy with their goobery little fingers, we bought them each their own.  Well, Jack and Izzy each got one; they also got a stern warning that they would have to clean the basement and their rooms every single day for a YEAR to earn enough money to replace them, so they better take good care of them!  Sophie will still use mine, but I told her she could have her own if she ever starts using the potty.  I really hope she isn’t still using mine when she’s twenty.

*fingers crossed*

Anyway, they arrived in the mail on Monday, and I spent all Monday night getting them charged and loaded with all the games and educational apps I’ve downloaded, plus music and a couple of movies.  Then, I spent quite a lot of yesterday making sure they were exactly the same as far as the apps went, and downloading books to the reading apps that didn’t load in the first place.  And setting up things that hadn’t been used yet.  And cross checking across all the iPods (and my iPhone) to make sure the same content was on each.  And rechecking to make sure I put each one back in airplane mode so they can’t order a bunch of new stuff every time one of their games prompts them to spend money (which is A LOT).

It was time consuming to say the least.

It was also enlightening, since I learned that I have managed to create two apple ids, and naturally I have all kinds of apps and music purchased with both of them.  I’m going to be so pissed if I can’t get iCloud and iTunes match to work correctly and I lose half my stuff!  I’ve spent a large part of time today googling and I don’t think it is going to be a huge problem, but definitely an inconvenience, and for someone who is compulsive about keeping things neat and orderly (I clear my email inbox every 15 minutes – good thing I don’t work and have no friends so I only get spam) this is probably going to drive me insane knowing that I have separate logins for various things.


I also spent what seems like hours but was probably less than one getting the kids’ school calendar all set up in my phone.  Why isn’t there an option for repeating every weekday?  It’s just daily, weekly, monthly etc.  So annoying – you either have to make five different repeating entries (one for each day of the week), or pick the daily option and then erase all of the weekend entries.  Pain. In. The. Ass.

Hopefully at this point I have everything sorted out.  Now all I have to do is get myself an iPad and a new Mac laptop, and my technical conversion will be finished!  Anyone want to send me a couple grand?

ps: our little ledge where I always leave my phone now looks quite preposterous with three iPods and my iPhone all lined up to charge. We drank the Apple kool-aid for sure.

pps: Jack tells me at least every hour that he “super loves” his new iPod.  Makes everything worth it.


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