Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Lessons

You learn something new everyday.  For instance, yesterday I learned that just because I opened the car door using my remote, it does NOT mean that the doors are unlocked.  Meaning that when I deposit my keys, phone and purse in the front seat so I can buckle Sophie's seatbelt, then get out of the car and shut the door, I will find myself locked out.  With my keys, phone and child inside.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to talk a three year old into pushing the right button amongst the fifty buttons on the car door?  Or how stupid you look standing in the parking lot shouting, no, not that one, push THAT one, and frantically jabbing your finger at the window glass while your child smiles and waves at you?

Fun stuff.

And hopefully my husband learned to always double check that the closet door is locked after he got Sophie up from her nap and discovered she had squeezed an entire, brand new, large size A&D ointment out of the tube and all over her body, toy chest, and carpet.  I know that's a lesson I won't have to learn twice!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby on Board

For the past 6 years I have been rocking around town in my blue 2005 Ford Explorer, first one, then two, then three car seats in the back.  And it was great.  I'd wanted an Explorer ever since I turned 16, and I finally got one - and it fit all the kids, within easy reach, with plenty of room in the back.  We even had a third row of seats so when grandma and grandpa came to visit we could still go places without taking two cars.

Enter baby #4. 

Yes, technically I still had plenty of room for the baby.  But given the configuration of seats, putting two kids in the back seat and two kids in the middle was going to entail moving one booster seat in order to fold down the middle seat, having to crawl in the car to buckle seat belts in the rear seat, and then folding the middle seat back up and replacing the booster.  Not to mention the whole baby car-seat snap in rigamarole.

Not exactly efficient.

Then throw in various electrical issues - the driver's side door lock stopped working unless the car was in gear, the fuel gauge broke, etc. and we were looking at increasing expenses for a vehicle that we had pretty much outgrown.  So last night, i said goodbye to my dear SUV, and bellied up to the minivan bar.

Behold, my new ride:

2-16-12 Something New

Smashing, no?

I have been UBER reluctant to get a minivan because I pretty much think they are god awful ugly, but thankfully the body styles have been changing the past few years and now they are much more attractive to me.  And I can't deny the space inside is great.  Plus, this one is pretty fancy - I've got Siruis satellite radio, and that back-up camera thingy, and all manner of buttons and knobs and gizmos I have to figure out how to use.  Oh, and the automatic doors are fabulous for school drop off.  So I have to say I'm pretty excited about my new car.  Who wants to take a drive?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


As you may or may not know, I spent the past week in Hawaii.  KID FREE in Hawaii.  Pretty awesome.  Brett had the first two days I was there off from work, and while we didn't do anything the first day given the fact that I was despondent over leaving my kids and just wanted to go home (note to all: 5 months pregnant, hormones raging, is not the best time to leave your kids for essentially the first time ever).  But that second day we lived it up: whale watching, a drive around the island, great food - so much fun!

Some pictures we took:

2-9-12 (2)

2-9-12 (2)

2-9-12 (4)

2-10-12 (1)

2-10-12 (3)

2-10-12 (1)

2-10-12 (2)

2-10-12 (6)

world famous Giovannis shrimp truck

2-10-12 (8)
shrimp scampi from Giovannis - delish!!

2-10-12 (10)

2-10-12 (11)

2-10-12 (3)

2-10-12 (5)

2-10-12 (16)

2-10-12 (19)

2-10-12 (20)

2-10-12 (13)
Hawaii has the coolest trees

2-10-12 (21)

2-10-12 (29)

2-10-12 (24)

The rest of the trip I was by myself while Brett worked, so I took full advantage of my alone time to read a book a day and just vegetate.  Not exciting, but so relaxing.

2-11-12 Makes You Happy
taro frozen yogurt with fresh fruit - I ate this everyday


All in all a great success - I had just enough relaxation time, the kids had a great time with both grandmas, and everything went smoothly and easily. I could get used to this vacation thing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friends Photo Challenge - Week 1

The one with Monica's boots:

The One With Monica's Boots

The one with the Flashback;

The One with the Flashback

The one with the Tiny T-shirt:

The one with the Tiny T-Shirt

The one with the Football:

The one with the Football
can we all just take a moment to celebrate the fact that during a Patriots/Giants Superbowl, I got a picture of the Bears?  Hell yeah, Walter Payton!

The one with the Triplets

The one with the Triplets
I am very thankful there is only one baby in here

The one with Chandler in a box

The one with Chandler in a Box
There is no one in this box

The one with Joey's Bag

The one with Joey's Bag

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ever since the vomiting stopped and my appetite returned, things have been going swimmingly in the eating department (as my rapid weight gain will attest).  And although I haven't had the absolute ravenous hunger I had with some of my other pregnancies, it is turning my meal schedule upside down.  because I'm not hungry at the normal times, or, I am, but I'm also hungry at other times too.  For example, I still eat lunch at about my usual time, and I will get super full from my normal amount of food, but there is no way I can wait until dinner to eat again.  I usually am starving around 4:30pm or so, so I end up having second lunch or early dinner at that time.  Which then of course means I'm not hungry at dinner time, but have to eat second dinner later that night - around 10pm.

Now, normally I really try not to eat too late at night, but lately I've just been too hungry to ignore it, plus I tend to wake up feeling sick I'm so hungry, so I've been going with it and eating really late at night.  Which doesn't really help with my desire to go to bed earlier each night, and certainly isn't helping my bottom line, if you know what I mean (see aforementioned weight gain).  But whatever.  After this baby I will have no possible excuse for pigging out again in my lifetime. I can't fail justify not losing all the weight and say, oh I might have another baby, or I just had a baby, or any of the other million baby related excuses I might come up with - I'll have to admit that I'm just fat.  Which means I'm going to have to make an actual effort to really eat healthy and get into the type of shape I want to be.

So for now I'm eating when and what I want.  And loving every minute.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gender Neutral

I had THE BIG ultrasound today:  All measurements and development is normal and good - and I did NOT find out the baby's gender.  Which wasn't hard at all, except that now I feel totally weird because everyone in the doctor's office knows, but I don't.  I kept wanting to say "you know, don't you?" to all the nurses and doctor and technician.  It was totally easy to keep myself in the dark when no one knew, but it is much harder now that it has gone from a simple unknown to a "secret" that some people know and others don't.  There's some psychology, right there.

But regardless of the business downstairs, everything on the baby looks really great - we saw a lovely profile, and little hands and feet and all that good stuff.  So there really is a baby in there - or so they tell me.

The one with the Triplets

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pack Rat

One week from today I will be in Hawaii.  For the first of six days, on the first vacation I've been on in seven years (ten if you don't count the trip we took to a hurricane, which you probably shouldn't).  To say I'm excited would be an understatement - although I'm only excited if I think about Hawaii, and the beach, and the pool, and relaxing.  If I think about being away from my kids for that long I just start to cry. Three days is my personal records for being away from them (and only with my husband watching them, they have never been left overnight with anyone but a parent), and the thought of eight days is almost inconceivable to me.


But moving on to the point of this post: you know how you get stupid when you are pregnant? Or at least, how I get stupid?  Well, apparently the effects are cumulative, so you can imagine the state of my brain by this fourth pregnancy - I'm impressed I remember to put pants on everyday (yes, leggings are pants!).  Plus, I've got this lingering, mild but still annoying head cold right now which has sapped my concentration further.  Plus, I've been in panicked planning mode ever since we found out we were going, but because it would have been stupid to pack three weeks ago it just remained this impotent list of to-dos and to-brings rattling around in my brain.  I'm pretty sure by now half of the items on my lists have been forgotten and lost in my mental cobwebs.  And finally, add in the fact that I have to be packed TODAY, despite not leaving until Wednesday because Brett leaves tomorrow morning and he gets two bags free as a platinum VIP member and I am cheap and don't want to pay for a bag.

Yeah, I pretty much have no idea what is in my suitcase.

I sorted through a bunch of clothes last week and laid them out all ready to pack - thank goodness for my maxi dress obsession because I'll not be needing any maternity summer clothes!  But I'm not actually sure if I really got out EVERY article of clothing I planned to bring.  And I'm sure not going back through it all, pbfffflt.  Last night I spent over an hour organizing toiletries and decanting them into tiny travel containers so I had everything I might need in my carry on, as well as everything else in my suitcase, as still have access to certain things I need to use over the next week before I leave.  I loaded all my clothes and shoes and lotions and potions into my suitcase, and just barely got it zipped up.  And then I realized I had forgotten pajamas, a purse (NOT toting my gigantic carry on to the beach!) and about ten other things.  So some shoes came out, and the forgotten items (sunglasses!) went in, and hopefully I'm ready now.  Thank goodness for e-readers because I normally bring a huge stack of books with me but there is no room this time.  I sure hope I remember my camera and my ipod and all my attendant cords and chargers and whatnot. I sure hope I don't think of ten extra things that won't fit into my carry on after Brett leaves.

Whatever.  I'm going to HAWAII!!!!!!!!!

ps: OMG I'm leaving my children for over a week.  Deep breaths.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friends Photo Challenge

I know, you're probably thinking "Oh God, not another photo challenge," but when my friend( and kindred spirit shoe lover) Undomestic Diva posted a Friends themed challenge, how could I say no?  I promise I won't clutter up my entire blog with daily postings this time - I'm doing this challenge solely with my cell phone (which is NOT an iphone so forgive the low res pics) so I'll just try and do a weekly wrap up.  To kick it off:

#1 - the one with all the coffee

I found some premixed iced coffee in the dairy section at the grocery store that for some reason I just had to try, and I am completely in love. Of course, it totally has caffeine in it so I can't have very much and I'm up til all hours of the night (not that I wasn't anyway), but it is so delicious that I just don't care. I am such a rebel.

ps: follow along with the photo challenge (or join in!) on Twitter - hashtag #FRIENDSpc

pps: I'm also keeping up with my daily photo blog - I have monthly cues all ready to keep me busy.  Check it out here