Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Holiday Haze

How was everyone's thanksgiving? Ours was good, although it passed by so quickly and without much fanfare. I've been battling some sort of super virus whose only symptoms seem to be extreme tiredness and laryngitis- I can't get close to enough sleep and not being able to speak a word for three days straight is super fun. Especially if you have 4 kids home all day. But I'll take it over feeling really sick any day!

We did our big meal on Wednesday night this year because my parents could only stay until Thursday morning, and this is the LAST time they are coming to visit us. Ever. Because in two weeks? They will live here!!!

I almost can't believe it. 

Neither Brett nor I has lived near family in our entire adult lives, and certainly not since we've had kids, so this is going to be a big change. You mean I can go to the dentist or volunteer at school without Brett taking a day off from work? Incredible. After Brett traveling for work I am so used to doing everything myself with kids in tow- I literally can barely imagine having someone here who can help me (for free).  Finally I will have a name to list on the schools emergency contact forms! Crazy. Of course, my parents also don't know anyone here so it could get crazy in a whole different way, but I think it will mostly be good.   

And they even get here in time for my birthday. Dinner out without having to pay a babysitter? Yes please. 

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Gellybelly said...

Who said anything about free? LOL. Can't wait!