Can’t Spell Stubborn Without Bebe

I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously that Beatrice is stubborn. And spoiled. And, while 90% adorable and sweet, watch out for that other 10%- it’s a killer. 

And of course, having just recently made the stupid decision to let her play with my phone (she has asked “I turn?” everytime I’ve picked it up since then, which could be helpful in weaning me off my iphone dependency), I’m especially on point not to set any more bad precedents. 
We already have jelly beans practically any time of day. 
So today after my chiropractic appointment, we headed out to the car. I let her walk instead of be carried because princess gets whatever she wants, and she almost held my hand through the parking lot (gah). And I let her climb into the car by herself because we weren’t in a hurry, and toddlers just love doing everything themselves even though they totally suck at it and take forever. But then, once she was in the car, she refused to get in her seat. Instead, she decided to sit in Jack’s booster seat. 
And refused to get up. 

Now, we were only a few blocks through residential streets (ie, no traffic) to our house, and in days past I would have probably just buckled her in the booster and driven the 3 blocks home. Because that would have been easier than having a fight over the seat, and my other children would have never taken that to mean they could always sit in this chair. 
Not how it works with Beatrice. 
If I had let her ride in the booster seat even that one time, she would have expected to ride in it every time from now on, which is obviously not an option. So I waited patiently instead while she sat there gloating over her refusal of my wishes. Until she got up and decided to love to Sophie’s booster seat. And still wouldn’t concede to any of my requests to move back to her own car seat. I guess I need to keep some bribe ready jelly beans in my purse. 
In the end, my desire to not stand in a parking lot all day supersede my desire to let her exert her independence, and she learned that when you don’t cooperate with mommy, she’ll force you to do what she wants anyway. 
You’d have thought she’d have learned it yesterday when I literally had to hold her down with my leg so I could change her diaper, but I guess it’s going to take some repetition to really sink in. 
The next 2 years are going to be SO FUN.

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