Jack has discovered Minecraft. For months (years?) I’ve been seeing Minecraft themed stuff on Pinterest (birthday cakes! Room decor! Snack tables decor! Crafts!), but I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t have to because my kids had never heard of it either.

No more.

About a month ago Jack started playing over at the neighbor’s house. For hours. Not playing WITH the neighbor, just using the computer to play Minecraft. Erm. Aren’t they lucky to have moved in opposite us? I asked him if he wanted it for his iPod, but he (in typically Jack fashion) said no because he didn’t know how to play it on his iPod (*eyeroll*). Instead, he would just watch YouTube videos of other people playing Minecraft. Again, for hours. Clearly we have stringent screen limits in this house.

Anyway, over vacation I convinced him to let me buy it for his iPod (because I’m a sucker and he was so pathetic with his giant swollen mosquito bites- which … I haven’t mentioned yet. More on that in another post). So we downloaded it, and basically haven’t seen him since. He is 100% glued to his iPod now, building treehouses and bridges and who knows what else goes on in that game. Is it even a game? Can you win or do you just build stuff? I still have no idea.

I’m just glad he likes it, because damn that was a pricey app!


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2 Responses to Shafted

  1. Jami says:

    Kate, it is the same with Elise.. Totally obsessed. I’m letting her go through the weekend and when school starts it will definitely be limited. She also likes to watch this guy called “Stampy” go through and talk about Minecraft, weird! Anyway, she likes to capture zombies and destroy villages. I think I’m raising a Viking!

  2. Kelly says:

    My boys have succumbed to the world of Minecraft as well. They will listen to “Stampy Longnose” show his world around for hours, and want to create their own YouTube account so they can do the same thing. Their friends come over and each of them are on a device playing it. I only console myself in thinking it may be a little interactive, as they “link worlds” on it and are at least talking to each other as they are doing it. 🙂

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