Attack of the 80s

A while back my friend Sarah posted an idea on Facebook of having an 80s themed sleepover for her kids, showing them all the great (terrible?) movies we grew up with, and feeding them lots of flashback junk (fruit punch and twinkles, anyone?). Awesome idea, and I totally immediately stole it- although I’m going to limit it to my children only, and I probably won’t feed them anything terribly horrible (bye bye twinkies) or that is likely to stain (bye bye fruit punch).

But still, awesome idea!

Then I started trying to think of all the great movies out there- which was surprisingly hard. Seems like when you sit down to try and think of something, you never can. Or maybe that’s just me and my Swiss cheese memory.

Anyway, last night, Sarah’s husband brought up the topic again, asking for a list of great PG 80s movies. And the suggestions were flying! It was suddenly so much easier to remember all of these thins when other people were throwing out titles too. I may or may not have stayed up embarrassingly late thinking if new ones. Here’s the list we ended up with: (possibly these are not all PG. And some are definitely from the 90s. Whatevs)

Short circuit
Star Wars*
Neverending story*
Back to the future
Cloak and dagger
Princess bride
3 men and a baby
Karate kid
Flight of the navigator
Space camp
Indiana jones*
Ferris bueller
Girls just wanna have fun
Adventures in babysitting
Honey I shrunk the kids*
Mrs doubtfire*
Mighty ducks
Incredible shrinking woman
Uncle buck
Home alone
Hocus pocus
Inner space
Stand by me
Spies like us
Pure luck
Freaky Friday (Jodie foster version)
9 to 5
Who’s Harry Crumb?
Can’t buy me love
Weird science
Money pit
Better off dead
Turner and hooch
Three amigos
Christmas vacation
Three fugitives
Superman (Christopher Reeve)
Great outdoors
Harry and the hendersons
Ferris bueller’s day off
Peewee’s big adventure
War games
Weekend at Bernie’s
Hello again
Mr mom
Outrageous fortune
Troop Beverly Hills
Blazing saddles (which is R, but a classic)

I also threw out some tv as well, for good measure:

Who’s the boss
Punky Brewster
Small wonder
Family ties
MORK and mindy
Laverne and Shirley
Family ties
Cosby show

Now, I’m happy to say that my kids have already seen some of these, so their entertainment education is already off to a good start. But clearly we have a lot of work to do! And yes, a lot of these are not entirely kid appropriate, but I saw them as a kid and I turned out fine. It’s funny, because I always considered my parents to be on the stricter side when it came to movies and tv, and I figured I’d be so much more relaxed about it with my kids. But now I look back and see all the movies I watched as a little kid and the adult topics they mention and it’s like “oh. I guess they weren’t so strict.” But I figure if the grown up humor went over my head, then it will go over my kids’ heads too. Or I’m setting myself up for some awkward conversations. Either way, I think my Amazon instant viewing and iTunes accounts are about to take a hit.

* I’ve updated this list with * for each movie my kids have seen. As we go along watching, I’ll keep track here


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