How To Halloween: Zombie Makeup

Last year, when Isabelle told me she wanted to be a bride for Halloween, I was less than thrilled.  I mean, is there anything creepier than shopping for child size wedding dresses?

Although, when I think of it that way, it makes kind of an awesome costume. Ha!

Anyway, last year I tried to convince her she should be a zombie bride, and then when that didn’t work, I said we could keep her costume and she could change it to zombie bride this year. Well, we’ve dropped the bride part (which is good because I can’t remember where I put the dress), but we are sticking with zombie.

I wanted to do a practice run with the makeup, both to get an idea of how to do it for myself, and also to teach her so she can do it for the school parade if she wants to.  There is no blood allowed at school, so we are going for a very simple zombie look.  Fresh zombie, if you will. Obviously, if you want to use these instructions for yourself, you can add as much blood and gore as you want at the end.

10-17-15 (1)

my beauty, before

The first step is to tone down her youthful glowing skin, and give it a deathly pallor.  I wanted to use regular cosmetics rather than the cheap stuff you find in the halloween aisle, so I could be more sure of how it would rub off/ or not, as well as hopefully keep the chances of weird ingredients and skin reactions to a minimum. Izzy has lovely olive skin, so I just bought the lightest matte foundation I could find and it worked perfectly. Make sure to cover the lips, too.

10-17-15 (2)

Next, I took a creamy black eyeliner pencil (jumbo size) and drew on the inner corners of her eyes, around her nose, and under her cheekbones.  After this photo I also added it under her mouth.

10-17-15 (4)

Unfortunately, the pencil I used wasn’t as easily smudged as I’d hoped it would be.  Maybe because stopping to take in between photos caused it to set, or it may have been a long wear eyeliner.  This is why you do a dry run! I’ll compensate for that next time.

10-17-15 (5)

For a final touch, I used a brown eyeshadow to enhance the shading around her eyes, and go all around her hairline and in the hollows of her cheeks to make them look even more sunken.  I also went under her jawline. I will do her neck (with the pale foundation too) on Halloween.

10-17-15 (6)

Even with the black not smudging and leaving stripes on her face, I think it turned out really well. Now we just have to keep her from smiling – whoever heard of a happy zombie?

10-17-15 (7)



I wanted to add in some pictures from Halloween, so you could see how well it turned out with her full costume.  After doing everything listed above, I added some red lipstick under her eyes and around the mouth to make it a little bloodier.  I also drew some on her knees  so she’d seem more banged up.  For the clothes, I bought a cheap outfit at Goodwill, and then attacked it with scissors, coffee grounds, fruit punch; I even drove over it with my car a few times.  Also, she outgrew the shoes in between the time I bought them and Halloween.  Kids.

10-31-15 (33) 10-31-15 (48)


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