Fall Capsule Wardrobe (sorta)

Remember back in March when I decided to start doing seasonal capsule wardrobes? And then I totally bored you with photos of the clothes I was going to be wearing for the next 3 months and/or photos of the clothes I actually did wear? Wasn’t that fun?

Well, I suppose you have been wringing your hands with anxiety the past 2 months, wondering where the post about my fall capsule is. How can you possibly go another day without seeing the truly mediocre outfits I’m throwing together? Well, rest assured you are not missing anything. 


I did do a capsule for fall, but it is so uninspired and unfashionable that I just couldn’t bring myself to photograph it. I just couldn’t get excited about choosing adorable fall sweaters and boots and jackets when it is still 90* outside, so I just punted the whole thing. Also, I’m super fat right now, limiting my options drastically. Basically what I ended up with is all the tshirts from summer, but with pants instead of shorts. And by pants I mean sweatpants, because I’m continually dropping the bar lower and lower in terms of what is acceptable public attire. 

I am really enjoying exploring the capsule wardrobe framework, and I do plan on continuing to work with seasonal limitations. I may have to reconsider my scheduling in terms of what months are what season, or possibly switch to summer/ winter/ transitional categories. We’ll see. I also need to drop some poundage so I stop feeling like a sausage overflowing its casing. But that’s a post for another day. 

Meanwhile, behold the wonders of what I’ve worn over the past 2 months:


I promise winter will be more exciting!


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