My New Eyepatch Obsession

Let me just start off by saying this is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve mentioned before that I have an issue with dark under eye circles, and that I’ve been searching for something that might lessen the discoloration so I don’t have to rely as heavily on concealer. Not that I don’t love my concealer, but anything more than a thin coating just looks thick and horrible, so I’ll take any help I can get!

I’ve given up on eye creams- they never seem to work, and I hate constantly trying new products because you never know which ones are going to cause some sort of bad reaction with your skin. Plus, I spend enough money on my skin care that cutting out any specific product (especially something ineffective) is appreciated. But of course, hope springs eternal, and I decided that giving an under eye patch a try might be worth it. Especially since there are plenty of cheap options so I won’t feel like I wasted a bunch of money if they don’t work. 

Through a combination of Google research and random selection, I ended up with the Grace & Stella Depuffing + Energizing Golden Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks (whew! Say that 5 times fast!) from Amazon. And now I’m completely obsessed. 

They feel super good to wear- it’s this weird, thin, squishy gel patch and it remains chilly and refreshing on your skin the entire time you wear it.  

I started out just wearing them at night before bed, but the packaging has enough liquid left over that I started letting them reabsorb the extra and then wearing them again for 20-30 min in the morning.  The kids think it’s hysterical. 


It’s possible that no one but me can even tell a difference, but I think they really help with puffiness and even slightly diminish the darkness under my eyes. 

What do you think?


Can you tell the difference? (please don’t burst my bubble if you can’t, lol). Now even just a little BB cream is enough to make me decent for public viewing:


I’m not giving up my concealer any time soon, but I am so thrilled I found these eye patches. Mainly because I think they actually help, but also because they’re kind of fun to use. Bonus!
note: the products mentioned in this post were purchased by me, for full price. I was not compensated in anyway for this post. 


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