What I Wore- Swim Edition

I know, I know, you probably haven’t been dying to see photos of me in my swimsuit. Well guess what? It’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. Including posting pictures of my larger than I’d like, pasty body covered in Lycra. So there.

I have to say I wasn’t thrilled going into the planning stage of this summer vacation because I’ve GAINED weight since last year (someone please slap the food out of my hands) and I wasn’t exactly at my ideal size then. The bulgy mess that resulted from trying on last years suits was a bit of a downer let me tell you, but then something miraculous happened. I bought new suits, and dare I say, they’re actually flattering? I mean, Sports Illustrated certainly isn’t going to come knocking, but I actually feel good wearing them. And since I can’t avoid going to the pool with the kids all summer, and my weight isn’t going to miraculously change overnight, I’ll absolutely settle for feeling confident and not gross.

The secret, by the way, is SIZING UP. Seriously. If a large will do, and x-large will do better. Tight is not your friend when it comes to skimpy, strappy clothing. Just don’t size up so much things start falling off. No one wants to see that. High waist bottoms are also my new obsession- they hold everything in but look like a fashion choice instead of a necessity. 

Mix n match is almost a MUST. It makes a few suits feel like an entire wardrobe. 

All photos taken by me, in an attempt to minimize full frontal exposure. Partial body shots are so much more flattering. Plus, I’m sure I looked super cool taking tons of selfies. 

I also have several sack dress cover ups which don’t really bear documenting, and this fantastic lacy one, which makes me feel super glam. 

Also on my must list: wide brimmed hats. I of course wear sunglasses, but it can still be really bright without additional shade (I have fairly sensitive eyes as far as light goes). And of course it protects the face from sun damage and premature aging. I have one super giant one that I love, and then one that’s sort of a hat/visor hybrid. It isn’t the cutest, but I can keep my hair pulled up in a knot and still wear it, so it gets the most use. 

So that’s it! I didn’t show you every single permutations of suits, but I’m sure you get the idea. And hopefully you get out there in your own suit and have a little fun this summer!
Update: I’ve had a couple requests for where I purchased everything so I thought I’d add a list. 

Black and white striped tankini: Cole of California (Amazon)

Black tankini: Speedo (swimoutlet.com)

Blue bikini top: Lole (swimoutlet.com)

Palm print high waistbottoms: Kingdom and State (swimoutlet.com)

Black and hot pink high waist bottoms: Marina West (zulily)

 hipster bottoms: Victorias Secret

One piece: Mara Hoffman knockoff (Amazon)

Striped rash guard: Land’s End

Floral rash guard: Marina West

Lace caftan: Amazon


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