2016 Read: May/June

Here are the books I read in May and June. Not a lot of winners in this bunch. 

 Minutes to Burn- Gregg Hurwitz: I had a hard time getting into this book, possibly from my own distraction rather than any failing on its part. But it’s also a ‘mutant bug preying on people stranded on an island’ story, which isn’t typically my cup of tea. 

The Crime Writer- Gregg Hurwitz: a return to the basic crime genre, featuring an author who may or may not have murdered how ex-fiancé and now must try to figure out who is framing him for a similar crime. 

Trust No One- Gregg Hurwitz: guy gets caught up in a swirl of intrigue encompassing a presidential race and the death of his stepfather 17 years before. Kind of random, easily forgettable, but decent quick read. 

They’re Watching- Gregg Hurwitz: an unhappy screenwriter discovers he’s under intense surveillance and ultimately gets framed for murder. Very exciting.

You’re Next- Gregg Hurwitz: edge of your seat thriller with a strange red herring in the very beginning, and where you (and the protagonist) don’t even know why the bad guys are out to get him for 3/4 of the book. 

Tell No One- Harlen Coben: super fast, exciting read. No real surprises, but highly enjoyable nonetheless. Perfect beach or airplane read. 

The Survivor- Gregg Hurwitz: another satisfying seat-of-your-pants story of a man up against powerful and nefarious forces. But if a downer ending, but it was unavoidable and so expected.  

Tell No Lies- Gregg Hurwitz: well written with good character development, but kind of a lame plot. Not quite as enjoyable as his others. 

Don’t Look Back- Gregg Hurwitz: serviceable thriller, but this guy really needs to stick to crime novels set in LA. When he branches out it doesn’t work as well. 

The Raven Boys- Maggie Stiefvater: YA fantasy featuring a group of teenagers (in the modern world) searching for the hidden burial place of a long dead King. Fast, fun read- first in a 4 book series. 

Ready Player One- Ernest Cline: I’ve read this before but I forgot just how awesome it is. A must read for any fan of 80s pop culture and video games. 

The Dream Thieves- Maggie Stiefvater: book 2 in the Raven Boys cycle. 

Blue Lily, Lily Blue- Maggie Stiefvater: book 3 in the Raven Boys cycle. 

The Raven King- Maggie Stiefvater: final book in the Raven Boys cycle. I read all of these books in quick succession, so I can’t tell which parts of the entire story are in which book. Interesting and somewhat unpredictable YA fantasy. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Harmony Black- Craig Schaefer: this is one of about 20 books I’ve gotten free on my kindle for being an Amazon prime member. Slightly amateurish writing, but not in a way that made the book unpleasant. Fun, quick read about an agent in a special, supernatural branch of the FBI. 

The Guilty- David Baldacci: not the best effort from this author. Featurs a recurrent character I like, but I predicted the bad guy well in advance and the motive was not overly concerned with coherence. Very meh

Timebound- Rysa Walker: YA novel about time travel. Had the requisite romance (but not the angsty kind), and the logic wasn’t too concrete, but still very enjoyable. This was a free kindle book, but I liked it enough to consider buying the sequels. Or at least checking for them at the library. 

Bum Rap- Paul Levine: very mediocre legal thriller with no clever maneuvering or last minute miracle discovery. Totally meh

City of Echoes- Robert Ellis: started out like your typical cop thriller, albeit one written less than adeptly. But then it veered from amateurish to entirely preposterous. Really terrible. 
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