Out Patient

It’s been almost a full year since Sophie’s monkey bar accident, and this morning we had one final X-ray exam to make sure that the bones in her wrist are healing properly.

We didn’t get off to the greatest start given my inability to get myself moving in the morning (next week is going to be a RUDE awakening!), but despite leaving a little late we managed to get to the hospital only a few minutes past our appointment time.

And then we stood in line to check in for 10 minutes, but that’s neither here nor there.

And after a quick X-ray, and a lightly less quick wait, we got the good news: everything has healed properly, the joint is holding in place and everything looks good. The doctor said that wrist will probably always be a little looser than the other one due to the dislocation and nature of the break, and her elbow still doesn’t bend all the way. But she’s fine!

Better than fine, if the nightly whirligig of cartwheels is any indication. And we just finished paying off the hospital bills, so we are all ready for the new school year.

Bring it!


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