2016 Read: July/ August

Here are the books I read in july and august

Close Your Eyes- Michael Robotham: pretty good thriller; had enough mystery to keep me reading and find out how it all fit together. But there were enough clues for me to know whodunit a little too early, so the last bit kind of dragged. And the ending was strangely a bummer.

Doubt- C.E. Tobisman: serviceable legal thriller, albeit with no real twists or surprise ending that was actually surprising. Also, the author is extremely fond of metaphor.

Terms Of Use- Scott Allen Morrison: okay thriller about a tech company hotshot falsely accused and on the run. A little overloaded with characters and plot points.

The Dragon Of The Month Club- Iain Reading: very cute chapter book for kids. See my review here

Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi: imagine the most hormone addled teenage girl’s diary, and you might have some idea of the ridiculous melodrama in this book. Strip away the over reliance on (often nonsensical) metaphor and stylized writing that can only be some misplaced attempt to be profound and poetic, and you’re left with about half a book’s worth of plot, which in itself was pretty good. Too bad I got a headache from rolling my eyes at all of the romance/ teen angst.

The Widow- Fiona Barton: slow burn mystery about a missing little girl, the suspect in her murder and his widow. Reminds me of Liane Moriarty, which is a good thing.

American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers- Nancy Jo Sales: a Must-Read for anyone involved in raising children in our modern age. Horrifyingly brings to light the prevalence of hypersexualization and discrimination facing young girls online.

The Midnight Assassin- Skip Hollandsworth: recounting of a little known string of horrific murders in Austin TX in the mid 1880s. Fascinating that crimes just as gruesome and mysterious as Jack the Ripper (and taking place several years before) aren’t more commonly known. Unfortunately, a murder mystery where you never find it who done it, is always kind of a let down.

A Circle of Wives- Alice LaPlante: for a murder mystery featuring a dead man and his 3 secret wives, this book was surprisingly plodding.

Maestra- L.S. Hilton: kind of a Gone Girl meets the Talented Mr Ripley, except with less emotion and more explicit sex.

The Last Mile- David Baldacci: second book featuring Amos Decker. Revolves around a man suddenly exonerated after spending 20 years on death row. The plot was kind of a muddle, but a fun read nonetheless.

Fool Me Once- Harlan Coben: kind of meh and all over the place. With a giant red herring that basically opens up all the action. Feel free to skip this one.

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  1. Gail Lawrence says:

    Once again, awesome reviews! Loved your take on Shatter Me!

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