Another Day, Another Lip Balm

I’ve probably mentioned before how important lip balm is to my life, but just in case you missed the memo, here it is again.  I LOVE LIP BALM. It is absolutely crucial to my daily existence, pretty much only ranking second to my iphone in terms of can’t live without it. And while I naturally have my prefernces, I’m forever exploring new kinds and discovering new favorites.

This week’s test run has been with the brand new Carmex Comfort Care lip balms. I’m sure we have all used Carmex at one point in our lives, and while I happen to love their medicated balm, my kids aren’t as thrilled by the menthol scent. So I was super excited to try out the brand new Comfort Care

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Comfort Care is the first 100% natural lip balm from Carmex, soothing lips with a combination of collodial oatmeal and fruit oils.  And let me tell you, it smells AMAZING!!

The plum flavor was my absolute favorite, followed by the watermelon and naturally, Izzy and Sophie snatched those both up and I was left with the berry (which also smells great – just didn’t suit my personal preference as much as the plum).

Because it’s from Carmex, I was pretty confident that it would feel great on the lips, and I wasn’t disappointed. It glides on smooth, keeps lips soft and hydrated, and lasts a nice long time. None of that sneaky drying out your lips so you have to keep applying!

Carmex Comfort Care is available wherever Carmex products are sold – which means basically every grocery and drugstore you might shop at. I really appreciate that the natural beauty movement is starting to become so easily accessible – it can be a pain having to special order products online when it is something I use (and lose – thanks kids!) as often as lip balm! Next time you are in the market for a new balm to toss in your purse or backpack, consider giving Carmex Comfort Care a try. I’ll buy it when these tubes inevitably run out, and this time I’ll get a plum all for myself!


note: I was provided with the Carmex Comfort Care free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are strictly my own




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