Yesterday was Labor Day, which means its time for the kids go back to school… and for me to finally write about the kids going back to school since the actual first day was 3 weeks ago.


I’m not super diligent about staying on top of thing at the best of times, but it definitely feels like time is getting away from me more and more lately.  I was so excited about having the kids back at school, especially those 3 mornings a week when Bebe is in preschool, because I could finally. get. stuff. done. But nope, there still aren’t’ close to enough hours in the day to get everything I want to do handled while still having time to take a little break for myself (ie: read for 10 hours a day, lol).

And those 3 little mornings a week when I’m totally kid free: well, turns out three hours goes by in a FLASH! I’m going to have to do some real hard editing to choose exactly how I want to use those hours because it is just not very much time at all when you get down to it.


first day of school pics

But now that the first several weeks have already passed, I finally feel like I’ve adjusted to the new rhythm of getting up in the morning and having places to be at a certain time, so its’ time to shake off the inertia and get back to blogging.  And possibly REAL writing? And maybe exercising too?

I already feel overwhelmed.

As for the kids, they are all adjusting well and seem to be happy with their classes and teachers.  Isabelle gets to take the bus this year, which I was uncomfortable with for about 24 hours and then I realized that A) that’s one less round trip to school for me on a daily basis, and B) I don’t have to wrestle with the existential issue of whether or not I could leave all the other kids home alone when its time to take her to go to school. She has to leave at 7:15am (!!) and at least one of the other kids is usually still asleep at that time, so I am eternally grateful that I don’t have to choose between waking kids up to put them in the car to drive her, or leaving them home alone.  MAJOR weight off my mind!! And then she just gets home on her own again in the afternoon, which is also nice because picking one kid up, waiting an hour, then picking up the other kids was going to be a huge inconvenience. Basically, the bus is my new best friend.

Jack is also getting himself to and home from school on his own – he has decided to ride his bike this year, and so far seems to be loving it. I’m enjoying the fact that he’s voluntarily engaging in exercise, and finally riding the bike I bought for him 2 years ago that he had refused to even try out until just now.

Sophie is has aced 2 spelling tests so far, and always comes home with a big smile on her face, and aside from Bebe being put into this new classroom that is laid out like having a giant parental traffic jam is the goal, everything is going well there too.  Seems like it’s going to be a pretty good year.

Now I just need to get off my butt and make the most of it!






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